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What is pakkawood? Why pakkawood handle is better?

26 Jul 2022 0 Comments

A Good Innovation in Kitchenware

Have you're heard of pakkawood before? Even if you haven't, you probably have something with pakkawood in your drawer right now! Pakkawood was engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the culinary arts without sacrificing the authentic, traditional art of cutlery.

So what is pakkawood? Pakkawood refers to high-quality wood that's been polished and stained, then infused with resin that makes it waterproof, resistant to wear, more durable, and vivid. What products use pakka? The answer might be lying in your kitchen drawer.

pakkawood handle

Where to Find it

Pakkawood's durable and waterproof nature makes it an amazing material for a variety of products. But time after time again, artisans always choose pakka for their high-quality knives. Why? A pakka handle is the best of both worlds. It is 100% natural, hand-turned, polished, and stained wood that knife enthusiasts love. But it still has the durability and water resistance that chefs need. This makes it a perfect fit for a knife that's both beautiful and functional.

Chef's knife 8"

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Why is it Better?

You might be wondering why pakkawood is a better alternative to a plain wooden handle or even a fully resin one. It's not all about durability or looks. It's also about the feel. The real wood grain and shaping of a pakka handle allows for maximum control in the kitchen. It holds the blade securely. A plain wooden handle is prone to becoming loose.

In addition, regular wood handles are porous, meaning they can host all kinds of bacteria that don't even come out in the wash.

On the other hand, Fully resin handles are light and don't provide a good balance with the heavy blade. Steel handles, often an extension of the blade, have the opposite problem. They have too much weight, throwing off the motion of the knife and preventing clean cuts. Pakkawood is just the right weight.

The Science Behind the Magic

Not only are plain wooden handles are porous, but fully resin handles also porous. Resin can be easily damaged, and bacteria can live in the handle's scrapes, cuts, and microscopic holes. This problem is solved during the manufacturing process of pakkawood. A woodworker takes a piece of porous wood and fills in all the pores with resin. Sometimes, multiple pieces of wood are pressed together to create a beautiful pattern and fused with resin. The pakka composite block is then put on a lathe or sanding belt to sculpt the ergonomic shape for cutlery.

A Common Misconception

The stunning appearance and shining glaze make many knife owners worry that they can't put their knives through the dishwasher. Pakkawood holds up well in the dishwasher. Because of the resin, its stain will never fade, and the delicate wood graining can't be damaged. But just because you can put it in the dishwasher doesn't mean you should. But not because of the pakka--because of the blade! Putting a knife through the dishwasher is the quickest way to make it dull and have residue buildup. For that reason, you shouldn't put a pakkawood knife into the dishwasher. But pakka is used for a variety of utensils, so those will do fine in the dishwasher.

pakka wood handle


As Seen on (HG) TV!

Typically, pakkawood comes in the same finishes as regular hardwood, like cherry, mahogany, walnut, or natural. However, a unique finish has recently taken social media by storm, and it's especially common with pakkawood. That trending finish is called charred, and it involves applying a very light flame over the surface of the wood, causing it to take a deeper, more robust colour with dark undertones. This is one of the most requested finishes for pakka utensils, so much so that it's begun to be associated with the material. However, the interesting little known fact is that most woodworkers don't use a flame to produce the charred finish. It's a natural byproduct of the pressing and composition process if different colored woods are used together. Turning the pakka over a lathe produces vivid woodgrain patterns that can't be achieved with normal charring.

Luxury and High End Pakkawood Products

Pakkawood is a common material in luxury products because it provides the authentic feel of wood with the durability and functionality of resin. Some products, like imarku best seller chef knife 8 inch, use a variety of luxurious pakkawood finishes and turned handles in their products. While iMarku is known for its superior cutely and knives unsurpassed in sharpness, many people say choosing the perfect handle finish is a deciding factor when they purchase! Because of the unique manufacturing process, each handle is unique and can't be replicated, much like a fingerprint.

imarku pakkawood handle knife

Real Wood? More Like Real Trouble

Some people argue that an "all-natural" knife is the way to go. But those people don't realize just how much maintenance comes with plain wooden utensils. They always have to be washed by hand, and even then, the finish will still wear off over time. They'll have to refinish the wood periodically to keep it looking nice, but even then, the wood fibres will split apart and crack with natural wear and tear. Pakka eliminates all of that, and most people can't even tell plain wood and pakkawood apart. Your pakka knife will stay looking fresh and vibrant for years to come, making it a chef's best friend.

The New Material with Old School Charm

Pakkawood is in such high demand that some companies can't keep their products in stock. If you see a knife or utensil with pakkawood, you might consider buying it quickly. Some people are getting creative with this innovation and producing utensils that contain a variety of both natural and more "fun" colours. Words don't do these beautifully intricate, colourful patterns justice. It's led to more people than ever asking, "What is pakkawood?" The best way to get in on the pakka trend is to invest in a high-quality knife. You'll love the look, feel, and value of it. Before you know it, you'll have an entire kitchen with this marvellous material!

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