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Where Are Imarku Knives Manufactured

07 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Imarku Knives

Without a doubt, there are many producers of world-class knives, but only a few ever truly innovate in the knife world. At Imarku, we believe in being innovative, we believe in being fierce, and challenging current standards to produce new and exciting knives. We have come a very long way from making quality single chef knives.

Today, with 30,000+ 5-star reviews and over 5 million customers served, Imarku has been producing and manufacturing professional kitchen knives for over 14 years. Taking pride in producing the highest quality kitchen knife sets available that are not just superb but affordable. Achieving the status of being a "best seller" of knives in the US for over 7 years.

Are Imarku Knives Worth it?

Yes. Yes, it might even be an understatement. Without a doubt, the knives we produce are more than good. More than worth it. We take pride in giving you knives that are made from the finest German steel available. German steel has high amounts of carbon that make the steel precious as it ensures that you get this durable, light, long-lasting, and sharp knife.

From specialized metal, high-grade steel, to carbon steel. If there's one thing that separates Imarku from others is our craftsmanship. Each of our knives is made by our expert craftsmen that through their years of proven experience have mastered the art of blending modern technology with dedicated craftsmanship.

Everyone from the ground and up even our own CEO is a very skilled craftsman himself. When you get both these worlds, you get the perfect fusion for creating an incredible knife that is truly breathtaking.

And should the knife that you order from us have some kind of defect, we give you a money-back guarantee on all our products.

Where are Imarku Knives Made?

As for manufacturing goes, our manufacturing units are based in Japan. We have a global presence, and we ship to all major countries. We also have warehouses in the US and Germany to facilitate quick shipping. The US is a significant market for us, and since our knives are top-rated in Germany, we operate in Germany.

We also have a manufacturing unit in Yangjiang, People's Republic of China, and our major distribution and shipping operation in China. So, from the US to countries in Europe to Asia, we have operations spanning around five continents. And our processes are ever-growing and increasing.

So currently have manufacturing units in China and Japan with warehouses in the US and Germany with plans to expand our business further.

Know more about Imarku story.

Some Customer Reviews

Here are just some of the many tell-tale reviews from our customers.

  • Rhiannon: "My fiance who loves cooking, needed a knife that could do everything. Ever since purchasing Imarku's chef knife, we haven't even had to sharpen it. It's held up even after heavy use. Fantastic knife."
  • Nadia: "Cuts like butter."
  • Mike: "I love how when I cut my 'porterhouse' the knife doesn't fight me. Glides like it's on ice."
  • Manuel: "Exactly as described."
  • John: "Gave as a gift. Now I want one too!"

We love our customers. We love the reviews they leave us, it encourages us to be better, to work harder, to achieve more, and to continue innovating on our newest and latest products so we can better give what our customers truly want to use in their daily lives.

Our Craftsmen Make a Difference

What makes our brand stand out and apart is our expert team of craftsmen. Our CEO himself is a skilled craftsman, which makes it essential for every worker on the floor to be good at their skill. Our team comes from varied backgrounds with a great deal of experience in the knife-making industry, and that makes every product unique.

Our knives combine the best of both technology and craftsmanship. Every knife goes through skilled craftsmanship of around 45 days, which is how each is perfectly crafted. Because of our craftsmen's efforts, you see that sublime perfection in each of our knives.

How are these Knives made?

Our craftsmen spend around 45 days making every knife, which involves many efforts, such as hand polishing, hand finishing, and strict handling of the knives using a honing process that the Japanese traditionally use.

Each knife is meticulously worked on for around 45 days. In those 45 days, the blade goes through a rigorous honing process of polishing, 'hand finish, and more similar to how the Japanese traditionally make their knives. This Japanese knife-making tradition is called Honbazaku which involves three stages:

  1. Using a stone for sharpening, the blade is vigorously and coarsely grounded rotating in all directions constantly.
  2. The blade will then be honed by a horizontal stone that rotates.
  3. Using a stropping block made from leather, the blade's edge will then be polished.

This meticulous traditional process is then mixed with cryo-tempering which is this high-end method that helps improve the blade's crystalline structure making the blade stronger then we use high amounts of carbon for our blades. It makes our knives durable and of higher quality. The merger of traditional methods and modern technology helps create the perfect fusion of cost-effectiveness and incredible quality.

Imarku's Current Product Range

Our products include everything starting from the Chef Knife to Nakiri, and here is the entire list of all knives that we have on offer:

1. Chef Knife – We are Experts when it comes to making Chef Knives. Made from the finest carbon steel that produces an ultra-sharp blade with durability to match.

2. Santoku Knife –  A traditional Japanese knife designed to make cutting into meat, fish, and vegetables easy as well as being a multipurpose blade. The Santoku knife is a must-buy for first-time users or those buying Japanese knives for the very first time.

3. Paring Knife – A pairing knife is a special kind of knife ideally used for smaller ingredients such as shallots, hulling strawberries, or coring tomatoes. Perfect for the smallest fruits as well.

4. Steak Knife – Known for its stability and incredible geometry, the steak knife was built to slash into harder, tougher meats and other hard ingredients.

5. Butcher Knife – Build with a razor-sharp blade, using our butch knife can help you easily slice through large potions of raw meat.

6. Bread Knife  Looking for an ultra-sharp but delicate blade? Use an Imarku bread knife and you will cut through thick and soft bread and pastries with ease.

7. Boning Knife –The boning knife is a tough, corrosion-free blade built specifically for deboning all kinds of meat.

8. Cleaver Knife -Specifically built to handle the toughest, thickest, and hardest of bones with complete ease.

9. Fillet Knife – A specialty knife designed specifically for filleting meats. Great for fish, poultry, and more.

10. Sushi Knife – The Sushi knife is a delicate but sharp blade created specifically for detailing any Sushi dish.

11. Nakiri Knife The Nakiri is specifically created for vegetables. Its rigid tough steel makes it extremely light and easy to cut through any vegetable.

We have other kitchen items as well from cookware to tools:



Get one imarku today to experience the difference.

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