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Kitchen Knives

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8 Inch Kitchen Chef Knife - iMarku ®
Kochmesser 8" | Bestseller | imarku
Logwood · 8" · Best Seller
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Santoku Knife 7" | Best Seller | imarku
Santokumesser 7" | Bestseller | imarku
Logwood · 7" · 2.5mm thickness
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Paring Knife 3.5" | imarku
Schälmesser 3,5" | imarku
Logwood · 3.5"
$42.00 $49.00
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8 Inch High Carbon German Stainless Steel Kitchen Butcher Knife - iMarku ®
Japanisches Kochmesser 8" | Gehämmertes Design | imarku
Logwood · 8"
$56.00 $84.00
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7 Inch Cleaver Knife German Stainless Steel Chopper Knife - iMarku ®
Chopper Knife, Cleaver Knife 7" | imarku
Logwood · 7"
$76.00 $98.00
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10-Inch German Premium Stainless Steel Bread Knife - iMarku ®
Gezacktes Brotmesser 10" mit ergonomischem Griff | imarku
Pear Wood ·10"
$42.00 $49.00
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Kiritsuke-Messer 7,5" | Gehämmertes Design | imarku
Hammered Design · 7.5"
$56.00 $84.00
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Santoku Knife
Logwood · 7" · Best Seller
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Japanese Kitchen Knife
Logwood · 8" · Best Seller
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Hammered Damascus Chef Knife 8'' - iMarku ®
Japanisches Kochmesser 8'' | Gehämmertes Design | imark
Hammered Design · 8''
$112.00 $126.00
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7 Inch Santoku Knife, German High Carbon Stainless Steel Chopper - iMarku ®
Santokumesser 7" mit ergonomischem Griff | imarku
PakkaWood · 7"
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iMarku Merlot Meat Cleaver 7" - iMarku
Merlot Fleischerbeil 7" | imarku
Logwood · 7"
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10-Inch Bread Knife, German Premium Stainless Bread Slicing Knife - iMarku ®
Gezacktes Brotmesser 10" | imarku
Logwood · 10"
$49.00 $56.00
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6-Inch Boning Knife, Fillet Knife with Razor Sharp Pakkawood Handle - iMarku ® - iMarku ®
Ausbeinmesser 6" | Gerade Schneide | imarku
Logwood · 6"
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Butcher Knife, Serbian Chef's Knife 6.7" | imarku - IMARKU
Fleischermesser, serbisches Kochmesser 6,7" | imarku
Black & White · 6.7"
$56.00 $98.00
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Sashimi Sushi Kitchen Knife 10 inch - iMarku ® - iMarku ®
Sushimesser 10" | imarku
Logwood · 10"
$84.00 $93.00
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Santoku Knife 5" | imarku - IMARKU
Santokumesser 5" | imarku
Logwood · 5"
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The Chef Knife Set - IMARKU
2-teiliges Starter-Kochmesser-Set | imark
2-Piece · Brown
$112.00 $140.00
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4-teiliges Profi-Messerset | imark
4-Piece · Brown
$224.00 $252.00
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Your kitchen deserves only the best kitchen knives. That's why you shop at imarku when it’s time to prep your cooking.

At imarku, we have various of knives for your demand. You can find anything about kitchen knives on our site, such as things like what kind of knife you need and how long it retain its original sharpness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Knives

Which Knife do I Need for My Kitchen?

Here are some brief information to help you select the right knife type.

Chef's Knives

A Chef’s knife is versatile in your kitchen. It has a wide sharpened blade for cutting meat and vegetables, but can also chops herbs. You should always be with this knife handy when cooking.

Steak Knives

Steak Knives are designed to look great on the table and feel great in the hand. Their ultra-sharp blades can handle anything on your plate.

Bread Knives

The serrated bread knives is used to cutting soft bread and baked goods without crushing them. Every home should keep one because bread is life.

Boning Knives

The boning knife can easily pierce skin, and to also make precise cuts in tight spaces such as joints. It is also narrow enough to be able to turn quickly when cutting around and along the bone.

Paring Knives

The paring knife is used for peeling fruit and vegetables and cutting them into small pieces. It is smaller than a chef’s knife.

Our Tip: Buy a Knife Set

A knife set includes all the knives for cutting work in your kitchen.

How Do I Store Knives Properly?

If you do the knives lie in the cutlery drawer or basket, it will lose their sharpness quickly. So we recommend you do a knife block to store your kitchen knives.

Proper Knife Care for a Long Time

You'd better work every kitchen knife on a sharpening steel after use. This ensures that the knife retains its sharpness for longer. If it has become blunt, it can regain its original cutting power with a knife sharpener.