Where Are Imarku Knives Manufactured


No shortage of manufacturers that produce world-class knives, but there is a new competitor in the world of big names in knives. The knives we design differ from the rest and look innovative, fierce, and exciting.

And those who need to learn more about our fantastic brand may have many questions in their minds. Questions such as where are our knives from? How are these knives manufactured? The materials they are made from? So on and so forth. We will address and answer all of these questions.

Where are Imarku Knives from?

Imarku knives have manufacturing units based out of Japan. Our CEO, Mr. Mark Liu, started around a decade back. The story dates back to when one of his friends, Bolton, had a frustrating time looking for a perfect chef knife. That is when he decided to create something to make good knives.

He started young and went to Japan to learn more about Japanese art and culture to begin making these Japanese knives. He had initially chalked out a 5-year plan, but things turned out differently than planned. He almost felt like quitting, but his girlfriend, named imarku, kept inspiring him to keep going. And that is how the brand came to be known as imarku.

Today imarku has come a long way from making a single chef knife to a fantastic range of world-class knives, prep tools, and cookware. And the story of our growth continues. We are only growing with more extensive and impressive plans for expansion.

Where are these manufactured?

As for manufacturing goes, our manufacturing units are based in Japan. We have a global presence, and we ship to all major countries. We also have warehouses in the US and Germany to facilitate quick shipping. The US is a significant market for us, and since our knives are top-rated in Germany, we operate in Germany.

We also have a manufacturing unit in Yangjiang, People's Republic of China, and our major distribution and shipping operation in China. So, from the US to countries in Europe to Asia, we have operations spanning around five continents. And our processes are ever-growing and increasing.

So currently have manufacturing units in China and Japan with warehouses in the US and Germany with plans to expand our business further.

Are these Knives Good and Worth it?

Just saying that imarku Knives are good would be an understatement. The knives we make are more than that. The blades we make are all high-quality German steel. This steel is precious and infused with a high amount of carbon that helps make the knife edges sharp, durable, and long-lasting. The material and other components used in making these knives are also of the highest quality.

And one other thing that makes these knives a class apart is the craftsmanship that is involved. These knives are some of the best made by expert craftsmen. So, these knives are a perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship; when you get the best of both worlds, nothing can go wrong. Our company provides a lifetime warranty against defects and a full money-back guarantee on all our products. So if you plan to have one perfect knife set to suit any of your projects, you can blindly trust imarku.

Some Customer Reviews

Here are some customer reviews that give a tell-tale testimony of our brand and the quality of our knives.

"Sharper than what's Advertised. Handle with utmost care." – Janet

"Surgical sharpness. Cuts cleanly like a #10 blade. Amazing." – Jessi

"Amazing Knife. More than just a knife. Perfect Craftsmanship. A champion in cutting." – Phil

These are a few but not all of the testimonies and reviews we receive. We have thousands of customers across the globe that send us good thoughts and feedback. These great reviews encourage us to do more and work harder to achieve more. Our customers are our strength, and we continue to work daily to create the best products for our customers.

Our Craftsmen Make a Difference

What makes our brand stand out and apart is our expert team of craftsmen. Our CEO himself is a skilled craftsman, which makes it essential for every worker on the floor to be good at their skill. Our team comes from varied backgrounds with a great deal of experience in the knife-making industry, and that makes every product unique.

Our knives combine the best of both technology and craftsmanship. Every knife goes through skilled craftsmanship of around 45 days, which is how each is perfectly crafted. Because of our craftsmen's efforts, you see that sublime perfection in each of our knives.

How are these Knives made?

Our craftsmen spend around 45 days making every knife, which involves many efforts, such as hand polishing, hand finishing, and strict handling of the knives using a honing process that the Japanese traditionally use.

This traditional method is also known as the Honbazuke method and involves three stages –

1. First, the blade is coarsely ground using a sharpening stone, rotating vertically and constantly.

2. The blade is then honed using a horizontally rotating stone.

3. The blade's edge is polished using a leather-made stropping block.

This traditional 3-step method is blended with a high-end process such as Cryo-tempering that improves the steel's crystalline structure, thereby making the steel stronger.

Moreover, in imarku, a high amount of carbon is used, making the resultant steel more substantial and durable. This significant merger of high-end technology with traditional methods makes these knives the best quality and most cost-effective.

The Current Product Range

Our products include everything starting from the Chef Knife to Nakiri, and here is the entire list of all knives that we have on offer:

1. Chef Knife – We are experts in making the best Chef Knives. Our Chef knives are made from the highest quality carbon steel with razor-sharp blades that make them the best knife for everything a good chef needs to cut in his kitchen.

2. Santoku Knife – Santoku is traditionally a Japanese knife meant for three things cutting fish, meat, and vegetables. These are multipurpose knives that are a must-have for almost all kitchens.

3. Paring Knife – These are special-purpose knives that can be used for dicing shallots, coring the tomatoes, or even hulling the strawberries. They can be used to cut and slice your fruits and vegetables without crushing or spoiling their fruit.

4. Steak Knife – A steak knife is a must-have for every meat lover. Steak knives from imarku have a significant amount of stability and geometry that provides excellent cutting stability.

5. Butcher Knife – Our butcher knives are made from a highly durable, razor-sharp blade with excellent edge retention. This makes it a fantastic tool for quickly cutting through large sections of raw meat.


6. Bread Knife Slicing bread and baked items without crushing or destroying them is an art. But the secret is to use a good bread knife. We at imarku excel in making bread knives with sharp and wavy edges, making them the best tool to cut through soft bread and bakery items easily.

7. Boning Knife – When it comes to a boning knife, it is supposed to be sharp and corrosion-free. We make the best boning knives with straight, sharp blades between 5 and 7 inches.

8. Cleaver Knife -This is also known as the kitchen ax. This monster knife is made to handle the meat and the bones with ease. It comes with a rectangular and solid blade and is a fantastic chopping tool that you can get.

9. Fillet Knife – Our fillet knife, also known as the Deba, is Japanese. The great spine and narrow edge with a thin tip make it an excellent tool to fillet a whole fish and even poultry if required.

10. Sushi Knife – When it comes to Sushi, we at imarku give you the best knives to create those perfect cuts with detailing that make for that ideal Sushi dish.

11. Nakiri Knife – This knife is a must-have if you are more of a vegan. We use a more rigid steel blade in our Nakiri knives, making it a great tool to cut every vegetable you need in your kitchen.

Explore our exclusive imarku product range for details on all our knives. Get one imarku today to experience the difference.

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Where Are Imarku Knives Manufactured

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Where Are Imarku Knives Manufactured

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