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Can Non Stick Go in the Oven

08 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Has the question ever popped into your mind while cooking whether you can place your pan into the oven or not? There must have been times when a recipe in your cookbook required you to cook one part on your stove and the rest in the oven, or have you cook ingredients inside a pan instead of the stove in your oven. It is during such times that you would want to know if your pan is oven safe.

Continue reading to know whether your pan can be placed inside your oven or not.

Can All Nonstick Pans Go Into The Oven?

The thing to keep in mind is that a pan can be safe to be used in an oven only if it is designed to be so. The general thumb rule dictates you to go through the manufacturer’s website or label (on the product cover) to check the recommendations made by the manufacturer. You will come across a mark at the pan’s bottom part that indicates if it is oven safe or not.

However, it would be best in case of a nonstick pan to find out the maximum temperature of the oven that the pan will be able to stand up to. Each part of your pan needs to be heatproof, including the bottom part, which is exposed to the stovetop’s flame. Ideally, the pan’s handle must be made using metal such as aluminum or stainless steel, or it should be silicone-coated. If the handle is coated using wood or plastic, it should never be placed inside an oven.

Again, you have to ensure that the pan doesn’t come with plastic or rubber seals and gaskets, especially in the area where the pan and its handle meet. Ensure that a lid’s every part is safe to be used in an oven before using the lid to cover a dish at the time of baking (inside your oven).

How Many Temperatures Can Such a Pan Endure Inside An Oven?

When it comes to nonstick coating on pans, there two types that are mostly used – ceramic and Teflon (or polytetrafluoroethylene). None of these types are suitable for enduring high temperature, as Teflon emits threatening fumes if heated above 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and ceramic loses its nonstick properties if exposed to high heat. Usually, ceramic pans are safe when it comes to using in an oven.

The Teflon-based pans that have been manufactured post 2013 come with a PFOA-free feature, in which the compound PFOA that contains most of the toxins found in Teflon, is not used. It is recommended that you exchange your pan for a new one if it has been manufactured before 2013. Majority of such pans, irrespective of what material they are made of, come with recommended heating of maximum 500 degrees Fahrenheit or 350 degrees Fahrenheit. No matter what nonstick pan type you use, don’t ever place it inside the oven on the broiler setting.

What Is The Need To Use To Place Such A Pan In An Oven?

A major benefit of using a pan that is oven safe is that you can begin cooking in your oven and then place it on your stove to finish the cooking part, or vice-versa. However, ensure that the pan is not placed directly from a cold setting to a hot one like refrigerator to your oven because it would possibly cause the pan to warp or damage its coating, even if the handle is made using silicone.

What All Can You Prepare By Placing Your Nonstick Pan In An Oven?

These pans are great for cooking or baking eggs, so you can prepare any dish that includes baked eggs. Chicken or any other protein’s skin can be made to be crispy if it is first cooked on a stove and then transferred to an oven. This gives you options in cooking protein-based recipes when the skin needs to be crispy. There are endless options to experiment with when it comes to cooking using both stove and the oven.

Nonstick Cookware Recommendation

Now that you know what to look for in a pan to make it ovenproof, here’s a nonstick cookware set recommendation to save you time on researching a suitable pan to meet your requirements. The 16-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set | imarku is an incredible deal in which you get top-quality nonstick pans with other culinary necessities for your kitchen. They can be safely used at cooking temperature ranging up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit or 250 degrees Centigrade. And, cleaning these products is effortless and time-saving.


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