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Stainless Steel vs Nonstick Cookware: Which One Do You Actually Need?

08 Sep 2022 0 Comments

When buying new cookware, there are many factors to consider, and deciding you want stainless steel or nonstick cookware is the most important choices. The answer, of course, lies in one's interests and the meals one prepares most frequently. Now the question is, how do you decide which one you want?

Most of the time, it helps to know the pros and cons of both choices before making a decision. Next, you should evaluate the two types of cookware. Non stick cookware vs stainless steel,  which will work better in your kitchen?

stainless steel cookware

Everything You Need to Know About Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel pans that are not coated are the powerhouses of both residential and commercial kitchens. Most of the time, they have an aluminum or copper core that helps the heat spread evenly. The core is covered with stainless steel to make it non-reactive.

A pan with a heavy bottom will heat up more quickly and evenly than one with a lighter base. Pans that are more susceptible to hot spots and have a shorter lifespan are those that are thin and light-weight. In addition, you need a pan made of oven-safe stainless steel with a handle that can be used in the oven. Baking becomes less of a chore, and they have more options.


  • Using a dishwasher is not harmful to stainless steelcookware.
  • Stainless steel is more long-lasting and does not have a coating that wears off over time.
  • It works pretty well for charring and browning meats.
  • Excellent for frying.
  • It can withstand high temperatures in the oven.
  • When properly oiled and heated, it is possible to achieve nonstick properties.
  • It is safe when used with pointed and metallic cutlery.
  • Extremely long-lasting and capable of lasting a lifetime.


  • It needs to be heated and oiled correctly.
  • In some cases, dirt and grime buildup can be harder to remove.
  • More careful monitoring throughout cooking is needed to avoid sticking or burning.
  • It is not recommended for use with food types that stick together, such as scrambled eggs, tender fish, and pancakes.
  • It may be more pricey than other choices that are nonstick.

Best Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Stainless steel cookware set

imarku 14-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set Hammered Design

Many people recommend this if you want a stainless steel set because it has a good design. The hammered texture of the stainless steel skillets and saucepans features a 2.5-millimeter-thick, three-ply fully-clad steel design. This design ensures that the shape of the set will not change during use and will last for many years. Because corrosion-resistant stainless steel lacks a coating, there is no need to worry about the protective layer peeling off during sautéing, toasting, grilling, or reheating, contaminating the food, or altering its flavor.

non stick pots and pans

Everything You Need to Know About Non Stick Pots And Pans

Nonstick pans contain aluminum cores coated with nonstick substances such as ceramic, PTFE, or Teflon that do not contain PFOA. In the same way as with stainless steel pans, you want a bottom that is heavier and thicker for more even distribution of heat across the entire cooking surface. Additionally, the handle should be oven-safe.

If your frying pan has a nonstick coating, check the maximum temperature it can withstand, typically around 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and avoid heating it any higher. It can damage a pan, and the food preparation can be harmed by cooking at a high temperature.


  • Cooking tender dishes such as fish, omelets, and tofu successfully in nonstick cookware is easy.
  • It has a more reasonable price than stainless steel.
  • Easier to clean and more convenient to use compared to stainless steel cookware.
  • Chefs who are just starting should choose this option.


  • The coating is vulnerable to abrasion and chipping, making it less sturdy than stainless steel.
  • Cannot use pointed or steel utensils. The best utensils to use with nonstick cookware are made of silicone.
  • Protecting the nonstick coating requires proper storage, utilization, and regular cleanup.
  • It can be destroyed by extreme heat and may not always be safe to use in the oven. It is at its best when cooked over low to medium heat.
  • It will not last forever; the coating will lose its protective properties and become useless.

best non stick pots and pans

Best Non Stick Pots And Pans

imarku 16-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

This set comes highly recommended when searching for a set of cookware made of stainless steel. Die-casting at a high temperature is used to make the pieces in the cookware set.

This gives the pots a more substantial body, ensuring even heating and deformation resistance. Because the handle is made of soft rubber, it can maintain its coolness and provide total control while allowing the user to maintain a relaxed and comfortable grip, thereby preventing burns.

What's the Difference Between Stainless Steel and Nonstick Cookware?

The majority of nonstick cookware sets are constructed with aluminum, which allows for rapid heat conduction. Meanwhile, the nonstick surface makes cooking simple and facilitates quick cleanup. Perfect for less experienced chefs who value their time.

The best material for a frying pan that can be used both on the stovetop and in the oven is stainless steel because it can withstand high temperatures. If easy cleanup is more important, selecting nonstick cookware may be the better option.

when to use stainless vs. non stick

When to Use Stainless vs. Nonstick

Nonstick cookware is ideal to use when cooking delicate foods such as egg omelets, pancakes, waffles, and very tender fish that can be cooked on medium to low heat. Never sear food in a nonstick skillet.

If you use sufficient heat and fat, most foods will not stick to the pan simply because they will crisp up, producing a crust that will emit from the bottom of the pan. However, stainless steel cookware can be more challenging to clean than other types of cookware. Despite this, stainless steel cookware can be used at any time because it is capable of cooking almost any food. 

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The most important thing to remember when you choose from non stick cookware vs stainless steel is you can put them to work for you. But for that to happen, you have to make sure you use the right pan for the dish you are making. If you use the right tools, you will not only learn how to cook better, but you will also make the tools last longer.

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