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Imarku vs Shun Knives

27 Nov 2021 0 Comments

When looking for high-quality knives for your various kitchen needs, Shun and Imarku are common names among the top manufacturers. Regardless of your choice, these knife makers manufacture top-notch tools for professional or kitchen needs. 

However, with the numerous options and choices available, most users find themselves stuck in choosing the appropriate and good quality knife for their uses. This article provides a suitable guideline of Imarku vs Shun knives you can use to make the right option.



Imarku and Shun Company Overviews

Imarku and Shun are the respected brands with the best high-end kitchen knives and other cutleries. Both companies come with premium kitchen products having the best combination of performance, design, and style. When using their products, you'll enjoy your kitchen experience both for your professional or home procedures. 

Before looking at the products from the company, it'll be imperative to look for the company reviews.


● Shun

It's one of the youngest brands in the knife-making industry. The origin of the shun company dates from the early 20th century in Tokyo, Japan. The company specializes in producing a wide range of cutleries like razors, kitchen knives, folding knives, and many more. 

Despite being in operation for over 100 years, the manufacturers have introduced their products to the western market after 2002. Over the other decades, the company has been producing high-quality and handmade knives in Seki, Japan. Lately, these knives have gotten more recognition, winning the IF Product Design Award in 2005 for their premium products.



● Imarku

When looking at affordable kitchen knives and products, Imarku is one of the top names on the list. Despite being one of the younger knife-making companies, they've dominated the knife industry for the past 13 years, since their foundation in Japan by Mr. Mark Liu. 

Imarku focuses on both the presentation and performance when manufacturing its products. When checking for a proper Imarku knife, the stunning designs and ornate trademarks will be a key distinguishing feature. With the numerous options of these knives available, you can choose the one that suits your kitchen needs.



Imarku Knives 

In the short time during its operation, the company has dominated the knife industry producing one of the most sturdy and powerful kitchen knives. These products are sharp, look attractive, and offer durability while using them. 

Imarku produces different Japanese and Western knives, coming in different designs, and offers numerous uses. Let's look at the different forms of Imarku knives you can choose from:


Chef knife

It's the best seller of Imarku knife collections. These knives come with a high-quality carbon steel material on their blades and a comfortable handle. 

Additionally, the manufacturers design the knives with materials that make it easy to sharpen their blades. 



Santoku knives

They are another hot cake of the Imarku knives. The santoku knife was very important for cutting meat, fish, and even vegetables in ancient Japanese culture. 

With the best durability and honest price, imarku santoku knives have become one of the most popular in the US market.



Paring knives

When looking for special-purpose knives, Imarku paring will offer you the appropriate option. The paring knives are the appropriate special-purpose knives for coring tomatoes, dicing shallots, and hulling strawberries. They're also essential tools in your kitchen to help you slice or cut your vegetables and fruits without spoiling them, as they come with some sophisticated features.

The other popular Imarku knives are streak, butcher, bread, boning, and fillet knives, which are important for different types of cutting needs in your kitchen.



Shun Knives 

They are one of the most conservative knife companies due to the variety and design of knives the company produces. These knives come in different Japanese styles having different uses and price ranges. Below are the popular shun knives series:


● Shun Sora

When looking for the least-expensive piece, the Sora series is the appropriate option. These knives come with a 3-Layer VG10 cutting edge and polished Japanese steel on the upper section of the blade. The manufacturer makes most of its handles with plastic to lower the cost.



● Shun Classic

The Shun Classic presents one of the most popular and highly functional series, as it comes with super steel on its cutting core. The super steel cutting core allows for having a more durable and sharper edge. While crafting the knife, the manufacturers wrap it in 34 Damascus steel layers to enhance the stain resistance property. Different from the other series, the classic series comes with an ebony Pakkawood handle.



● Shun Dual Core

You can also choose the Shun Dual Core series for your kitchen uses. These knives come with high-carbon steel layering on the blades, giving the knife its tremendous cutting ability. In addition, the knife has longer durability. When the knife starts wearing off, it creates some micro-serrations vital for extending its lifespan and performance.



● Shun Hiro

The Shun Hiro is one of the best and high-end Japanese series knives. It comes with one of the best Japanese super steel, making it hard and enhancing its functionality and durability. They're suitable for different kitchen uses from cutting vegetables, fruits to meat.



Imarku Vs. Shun: Differences and Similarities

Despite producing premium knives with top functionality and performance features, these knives may differ or have some features in particular. Let's look at the Imarku vs Shun knives' similarities and differences.


● Materials

The primary difference between these knives is the variety of products from their respective manufacturers. Shun knives have pure Japanese super steel and a few configurations, whereas, Imarku knives come with an assortment of materials from German stainless to Japanese stainless. 


● Variety

The main difference between the two knife manufacturers is that Imarku provides numerous choices from the different blade materials to designs. Importantly from the binding, steak, santoku, bread, and many other knives, you can find the Imarku knife that suits your needs. In contrast, the shun company sticks to one variety of Japanese knives; therefore, you won't even get the best Western knives option for your kitchen needs.


● Cost

Cost is one of the essential factors when looking for a knife suiting your kitchen needs. When comparing the cost of purchasing these knives, you'll have to pay more to get the shun knives than the Imarku knives. You can check for the prices of different series of Shun and Imarku knives and compare their prices. With their lower cost, most individuals prefer to choose the Imarku knives for their kitchen needs.


Imarku and Shun: Pros and Cons

With the numerous similarities and differences, these knife brands have different pros and cons; you need to consider purchasing them. Below are the Imarku vs Shun knives company's pros and cons.



Despite having sophisticated features, the Imarku knife company also has some disadvantages you must be aware of before purchasing. Let's look at the typical pros and cons of the Imarku knives.




● Have a sharp razor edge suitable for all your cutting needs

● Have amazing, durable, and high-quality blades

● Come in a wide range of knife styles and blade materials

● Have a stunning, attractive, and gorgeous design if you consider attractiveness when choosing

● Come at a considerable price than the Shun knives

● Provides the customers with the best, attentive and customer services on their queries or issues



● They may not be the appropriate option if you prefer an understated appearance, as the blades are too flashy.

● They lack an identity; as a younger company, they're still figuring out their best identity.

● When choosing them, most users experience analysis paralysis due to the numerous options available. Thus, making it necessary for you to seek a knife finder tool to help you out.


Shun knives 

These knives have numerous advantages and disadvantages to the users, which you need to consider when purchasing. Let's look at some of the cons and pros of Shun knives.





● The company has a long history of tradition and durable cutleries

● Have a more concise selection of knife options, thus making it very easier to make the appropriate choice

● It comes with durable and sharp knives blades

● Their blades can retain their sharpness for a long time

● Most of the knives are purely handmade, thus coming in numerous high-quality results

● Provides the best option for those who like traditionally-made kitchen appliances.



● Their blades are prone to chipping after some duration of using them

● Have conservative and more plain knife designs

● They have limited knife options as compared to the Imarku

● The blades are generally more expensive than most of the other manufacturers

● The brands lack community-building features, as they lack a personal touch.


Final Thoughts 

When it comes to your kitchen needs, most homeowners prefer the best and top-quality appliances and cutlery. These cutleries and appliances will enhance the best kitchen experience and effectively work on your kitchen activities. 

Imarku and Shun are top manufacturers & suppliers of top-notch kitchen knives. These knives come with powerful blades, fantastic designs, and incredible performance to their users. However, it'll be good to understand the differences between Imarku and Shun knife companies before purchasing the knives. After which, you'll consider the choice that suits your needs, budget, and preferences.

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