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Best Knife Block Set Under $200

One of the best tools in your kitchen is a well-balanced and premium quality kitchen knife set. Even though several kinds of sets are available under $200, having the best knife block set means you won’t have to use brute force to cut a vegetable or meat that you may have to apply with a dull knife.

And when you apply less brute force, it implies the food will be less damaged. It’s not just about vegetables or meat. Even those delicate herbs look much fresher when they are rightly sliced without crushing the cells around the cut. As a result, your herbs won’t wither, wilt or discolor. Amidst these benefits, it’s worth mentioning that having the wrong knife will only slow down the pace of your work, while a good set of knives will boost your energy levels and make the preparation a lot more enjoyable.


Who needs the best knife block set?

Although most of us think that premium class knives are only meant for professionals and expert chefs, they can adorn the kitchen of anyone who enjoys cooking. Well, it’s also a great instrument for those who are trying to cook better and sharpen their skills. How about gifting the best Japanese knife block set to a friend who doesn’t own any or has a couple of shoddy knives? When all your knives are made of high-quality materials and do their job impeccably well, you can rest assured that you can depend on one knife just as you could do with the other piece.

When you are looking to enhance your kitchenware collection, the sky is the only limit you can think of in terms of cost. But that doesn’t mean that you will have to spend a fortune to get a lavish set of knives, half of which won’t be very useful to you. Rather, you should try to hit the sweet spot between the price and the value and invest in high-carbon stainless steel knives that come at a reasonable price point. Nevertheless, it would help if you were prepared to spend on the quality that you will receive.



What should come in your priceless knife block set?

There are probably knives for every purpose you can imagine. While some of them are specific, you are likely to spend a lot of time determining the right way of using them. For instance, how about having a knife that’s meant just for cutting lettuce or slicing tomatoes?

But that doesn’t mean that you will have to get knives for all the ingredients you mostly use in your kitchen. Don’t even think of investing in an 18-piece set of knives where you won’t require more than half of them. Also, having a bulky set of knives can be no less than a white elephant for you if you have space constraints in your kitchen. It will take up valuable space in your kitchen and be mostly useless owing to the proliferation of some useless knives.

All you will truly need as a home cook is the best knife block set comprising some useful knives that will complement your skills rather than lying down uselessly in the kitchen corner. Let’s look at a few beautiful yet functional sets of knives that you can add to your cooking arsenal.



iMarku 16-Piece Japanese Knife Set with Block

As the name suggests, you will get an elaborate collection of 16 knives that will cater to all your cutting, dicing, and slicing needs. Each knife offers exceptional value, from the steak knife to the chef knife along with the sharpener steel. This is the best Japanese knife block set that comes with essential tools for tackling most of your kitchen tasks. Let's take a look at the knives that you get.

  • One 8-inch chef and a bread knife are suitable for slicing bread, and since it is serrated and very sharp, it cuts through the cake, crusty bread, and pastries so easily that it can be perfect for all bakers out there.
  • Paring and utility knife - This one is designed to cut fruits and vegetables effortlessly to separate fat from meat. The paring knife is best suited for trimming, peeling, and also cutting vegetables and fruits.
  • Scissors - A seasoned chef knows the importance of kitchen scissors which work great for cutting everything from fresh herbs to meat. The best part is that they are very easy to use and come in handy.
  • Six steak knives - It is unanimously acknowledged that the serrated blades of steak knives help boost the kitchen's cutting abilities. When you have your guests or friends invited for a family dinner, this set of steak knives can be a perfect accompaniment to steak and barbecues.
  • Sharpener steel ensures that your knives are kept in excellent shape and that their sharpness has not tainted even a bit.
  • Chef Knife and Santoku Knife - As you know, these two variants of knives are designed for mincing, dicing, chopping, and slicing. The imarku knives are perfectly polished for consistency in sharpness, while the blades take care of precise cutting.



You also get a removable knife block with this best knife block set so that you can separate the chunk of steak knives to your dining table while serving the guests. Moreover, it allows you to keep the knives organized in the right way and also protects them from becoming dull after usage.


iMarku 15 Pieces Kitchen Silver Knife Sets with Sharpener

This exclusive kitchen knife set contains a host of crucial kitchen blades to satisfy the spirit of any chef and aid their work to a great extent. Like the best Japanese knife block seteach blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel that proffers great resistance to corrosion, discoloration, and rust. More than a hundred chefs test the quality of the knives included in this set before they are presented to the consumers.

With the professional-grade satin finish of the knives included in the set, you can expect optimum sharpness and fine grinds at the edge of the blades so that you can cut out ultra-thin slices with precise cutting. Even though it is a professional knife set, you can go without thinking twice if you have a passion for cooking. Let's take a look at the various knives that you will receive in this set.

  • 7-inch Santoku knife - This knife blade can be used for all kinds of daily kitchen activities such as slicing, chopping, dicing, and mincing all kinds of meat, fruits, vegetables, and bread.
  • 8-inch bread knife - The blade of this knife is 2mm thick, and since they are made of premium quality blade material, they are very sharp and have a very long lifespan. This is particularly suited for bread making and baking.
  • 5-inch utility knife - This one has a sharp blade designed for ultimate precision in the kitchen. No matter how frequently you use it, the sharpness will remain even after use for years.
  • 6-piece steak knife set - This set of steak knives is made of top-level blades with a serrated edge that remains sharp for a long time without sharpening. As with the 16 pieces kitchen knife set, this one also contains 6-piece steak knives which are enough for your family's grand dinner. The design and functionality of the knives are highly suited not only for ordinary cooks but also got professionals.



These knives are equipped with a full-tang design with an extra-wide angle to enhance the knives' life. The iMarku knives have the perfect set of slicing, paring, and chef's knife along with a set of steak knives that can competently handle most of kitchen jobs with ease.


iMarku 12-piece knife block set with cutting board

This complete knife set with stainless steel blades offers outstanding craftsmanship for meeting all your culinary needs. Each knife of this best Japanese knife set has been forged from 3cr13 high-carbon stainless steel for matchless precision. With this, each knife in the set receives superb hardness along with lasting performance. Moreover, the cutting board and knife block are constructed from acacia hardwood to ensure that they won’t separate, warp or break.

In this set, you will receive one santoku knife, one 8-inch bread knife, one 8-inch chef knife, one kitchen shear, one steak knife, a cutting board, a knife block, and a cleaver knife. The wooden knife block has distinct slots for keeping the knives in the right way. The whole block set is made of hardwood which ensures that the block lasts for many years. You can go for this kitchen knife set to complete your collection of kitchen blades.



iMarku 10-piece knife block set

If you don’t want to invest in a high-end and grand collection of kitchen knives, then you can go for this best knife block setIt contains some of highly functional kitchen knives with 3cr13mov grade German stainless steel. It is a high-grade knife set with a block made of top-notch bamboo and a bamboo chopping board, one of the remarkable USPs of this knife set.

Each knife of this set has an unparalleled sharpness that is achieved with a professional-grade forging process along with accurate tempering. The blades are hand polished with 14 to 16 degrees for each side. Whether you buy a single knife or a complete set of professional kitchen blades, you will get a lifetime warranty and there is no exception to this for this set of top-level handcrafted knives.



iMarku 6-piece steak knife set

The iMarku set of steak knives offers a unified function along with a spellbinding design. The high-quality German stainless steel ensures that the sharpness remains unaltered even after use for decades. Some of the major plus points of this beautiful steak knife set are corrosion prevention, resistance from rust, and zero discoloration. You can slice efficiently with the sharp blade whether you wish to chop pork meat or slice through a fish fillet. Let's take a look at the various features and specifications of this knife set.

  • Precisely serrated - The imarku kitchen steak knife has a micro-serration at the edge, which adds to the sharpness of the blades. You can easily cut through lamb chops, chicken, pork, pizza, and almost anything under the sun.
  • Ergonomic handle - This handle is made of superior-grade pakkawood, which makes the handle tender on the hand and gives the proper grip. This means you can work for hours using these knives without hurting your knuckles and fingers.
  • Durable full-tang design - The knives have a one-piece full-tang design coupled with a double-riveted handle, which adds to the knife's longevity, stability, and solidity. As a result, you can effortlessly cut through the meat without causing any bend to the blade.

In this set, you will get steak knives with a gift box perfect for gifting. Choosing the essential set of steak knives can be very difficult, especially if you are a novice. But with the iMarku 6-piece steak knife, you can have the right balance between design and versatility.




Many passionate people spend a considerable amount of time sharpening their culinary skills and focusing on ingredients and specialties. But many refrain from focusing on the kitchen tools as long as the existing staff takes care of the job.

Buying a set of good quality kitchen knives can go a long way in adding functionality to the kitchen space. This could be the best time when you should set aside the cutlery set that your friend gifted you and invest in a premium set that will last for many years as you keep sharpening your culinary skills and artistry. The above ones are the best and just under $200.

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