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Imarku 7-Inch Stainless-Steel Chopper-Cleaver-Butcher Knife This is an ideal cleaver knife that can be used for multipurpose such as chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing etc. You really don’t need to change knives while cooking as it is pretty convenient. If you need to slice meat into pieces then this blade is the perfect option.The sharpness itself will allow you to cut through and it saves the hassle of butchering it with a heavy butcher’s knife! 

Features and Specifications :

Blade material: High Carbon stainless steel Model of stainless steel blade: 7Cr17Mov Thickness: 2.5 mm Rockwell Hardness Scale (HRC): 57±1 Handle material: Pakka wood Total Length of the knife: 12 inch Blade Lenght: 7 inch Tips: *This knife isn't designed for use over a hot flame or cutting frozen foods since it can become blunt and may make the blade lose its sharpness. *The knife is not designed to be washed inside a dishwasher as this may affect its effectiveness. It should be hand-washed using clean water and mild soap. *It would be unadvisable to cut wood through such cleaver as it isn’t suitable for that task and can make your hands sore.

*Keep the knife in a knife block ,drawer or other similar places.When storing a knife make sure that the edge never comes into contact with other metallic objects. *The recommended cutting surfaces are wooden or plastic boards.Never use glass boards. The above recommendations will help you to enjoy the sharpness of the knife for a long time. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: There is 0 risk to try. our product has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects. If the blade has broken off, not from abuse,we will replace it. Or if you do not absolutely like our cleaver knife, just return it. we will send the full refund to you without any reason.