Knife Guide



1.I found its Super light and not very sharp. unable cut fish properly.

A:Dear My Fiend,you can send it back and we will send you a new one. vestaware provide the maximum warranty for the life of the products to make sure that customers can buy with confidence.Please kindly contact us for warranty if here are any questions or problems.


2.What about the Detail Functions of the Chef Knife?

A: The Chef Knife is available for most of ingredients,and it's suitable for some small foods, like garlic, onion.Bolster blade can beat some gristle, but not for hard bone. Designed for these foods need to be hard cut.It's convenient for beating something like meat or garlic, and also moving prepared  ingredient.


3.How to Maintain Your Knife?


  1. Please don’t use the non-cleaver knife to chop bone or slice other hard objects like fish bone, solid herbs, frozen foods.
  2. After every use, please rinse it timely, wipe with a clean towel, and then put it in a ventilating place to prevent the blade from being corroded by acidic and alkalic substance which will result in rusty. (Note: Any stainless steel may get rust without proper maintain)
  3. To prolong the anti-rust function, don’t recommend to let the acidic or caustic juice like tomato or lemon remain on the blade for a long time.


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