About Us

The mark of a true high-quality knife in one word, precision. Thin, light, and tough. So sharp, it makes a Japanese samurai blush - guaranteed to make you never want to stop cutting - this is what Imarku stands for.

Using only the highest quality of materials to make the latest innovative design in kitchenware from knives to cookware that all are competitively priced means owning the best will not cost you a fortune.

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Our Mission

Organic, health, and quality High-end kitchenware. Let everyone enjoy the kitchen utensils at the level of a professional chef and improve everyone's quality of life. Create a century-old enterprise that realizes dreams.

We believe in using the toughest, most durable steel available and mixing it with Japanese carbon steel, a high-tech special stainless steel that guarantees you that each knife and cookware from us is not only tough and corrosion-resistant but light, reducing hand fatigue and helping retain your ingredient's nutritional value.

You can expect premium craftsmanship, lightness, ultra sharpness, and durability that can withstand every surface, every style of cutting, and any size of ingredient, leaving you wanting more. This is Imarku. We innovate. Never gives up. Keeps going. 

What does the choice of brand name and LOGO represent?

The brand name imarku has a meaning: i" stands for "I", mark is the name of the brand founder and also takes the meaning of "mark", "U" stands for "you", Mr. Mark hopes that the continuation of the imarku brand is not only the power of individuals but also focuses on you and me to build together, the brand belongs to everyone. What impresses the buyers is the craftsman spirit behind imarku.

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The Road to Perfection: Imarku's Quick History

The frustrating experience of searching for a superb knife gave birth to the creation of the perfect chef knife known as Imarku today. The rusting. The easy chipping and breakage. The uncomfortable handle. You name it. We at Imarku have experienced it. This makes us highly relatable to people and made it a mission to produce knives that work and meet expectations.

About a decade ago, our CEO, Mr. Mark Liu encountered this exact problem with his friend Bolton. It felt impossible. But as a lover of Japanese art and Japanese culture, a young Mr. Mark Liu, decided he would go to Japan. Initially, he thought that 5 years would be enough but what he did not know was that those 5 years would be some of the most challenging and hardest he would face.

He felt like quitting and giving up, but internal drive pushed him not to give up and keep going. 

Our Factory

Let's check out for imarku factory from video of "Imarku factory video" & Article of "Where imarku knives made?".

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