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Merlot Fleischerbeil 7" | imarku

Logwood · 7"

  • Blade Material: SUS440A stainless steel
  • Blade Angle: 14-16 Degree Edge Angle
  • Rockwell Score: 58 HRC



Dieses 7-Zoll-Fleischbeil ist leicht. Die Klinge ist rasiermesserscharf. Ich kann nicht sagen, dass ich genug über Kohlenstoffstähle weiß, aber das Produkt scheint aus hochwertigen Materialien und mit Präzision geschmiedet zu sein. Es ist mehr als zu allem fähig die Aufgaben werfen darauf - Fleisch, Knochen, harte Häute usw.


  • Erstklassiger deutscher HC-Edelstahl- Geschmiedet aus hervorragendem deutschem Edelstahl mit hohem Kohlenstoffgehalt 7cr17mov mit einem Kohlenstoffgehalt von 0,65 % bis 0,75 %. Nach professionellem Design ist die Klinge dieses chinesischen Gemüsemessers von Imarku sehr scharf und langlebig, und die Härte kann bis zu 56 ± 2 HRC erreichen.

  • Professionelle scharfe Klinge - Die Klingenkante wird von erfahrenen Handwerkern von Hand poliert, um 17° pro Seite zu erreichen. 2,5 mm ist die Dicke dieses chinesischen Hackmessers, das sehr dünn und ultrascharf ist, um die Arbeit zu erledigen und die tägliche Küchenaufgabe gut zu erledigen. Das breite Klingendesign hält die Finger des Kochs von der Schnittfläche fern.

  • Mehrzweck-Hackmesser - Das klassische chinesische 7-Zoll-Küchenmesser kann Ihre täglichen Küchenanforderungen wie Schneiden problemlos bewältigen; Hacken; Schneiden und Spalten von Fleisch, Fisch, Gemüse, Obst, Knoblauchknollen und Ingwer. Ausschließlich für die harten täglichen Anforderungen in Wohn- und Restaurantküchen entwickelt und gebaut.

  • Ergonomischer Griff aus Pakkaholz - Der Holzgriff des Hackmessers von Imarku besteht aus Pakkaholz, das nicht leicht zu rosten/korrodieren, langlebig und bequemer ist. Der ergonomische Griff bietet einen sicheren, bequemen Halt, ist robust und arbeitssparend. Auch für Linkshänder ist es die beste Wahl.


  • Blade Material: SUS440A stainless steel
  • Blade Angle: 14-16 Degree Edge Angle
  • Blade Type: Double Bevel
  • Blade Length: 7”
  • Blade Height: 3"
  • Blade Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Total Length: 12”
  • Weight: 8.8ounces
  • Rockwell Score: 58 HRC
Use & Care
  • The knife isn't designed for use in a hot flame
  • Hand washing is recommended and not for dishwasher.
  • Clean the knife with clean water and mild soap
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,{"id":11270813,"body":"These knives are really sharp. The steak knives are serrated, but the others are smooth. It comes with a knife sharpener and a scissors. The latter has a wooden handle. That's what made me realize that the handles on the knives are not quite wood. They look like wood, but they sound more solid if you tap them. I had to look up what pakkawood is. I assumed it was some sort of Asian tree. Nope, it's wood with lots of plastic. You need to be careful: water can damage it. But it isn't quite wood. The block that holds the knives is wood, and it is attractive. IMARKU's page says that the blade is forged. I wonder about this, but I have no way to determine whether it is or is not. The pictures are pretty accurate. I didn't expect the blade to be as shiny as it is, and the hammered appearance is very prominent. I imagine that many people like the look. I thought I would when I saw the pictures, but somehow I don't find them attractive. Of course, the main thing about knives is that they should sharp, easy to hold and good for their purpose. No complaints there.","image_urls":[],"show_image":true,"star_rating":4,"verified_review":false,"by_shop_owner":false,"created_ts":"2022-01-31 00:10:23+00:00","video":null,"user_name":"Thinker3","user_image_url":null,"comment":null,"resolved_message":null,"custom_fields":[],"region":null,"language":null,"is_foreign":false,"source":"Amazon","product_name":"Merlot Meat Cleaver 7\" | imarku","product_url":"https:\/\/\/products\/merlot-meat-cleaver-7-imarku-\u00ae"},{"id":11270817,"body":"I am not a professional chef, by a long shotBut I like to think I am, like Mrs Peel, a 'talented amateur' (of courrse I LIKE to think that someday Beyonce will come to her senses, so...)In any event, it is common knowledge that the secret of good meals is NOT the quality if the ingredients, pre-supposing that you have chosen ingredients that are at least reasonably high on that levelIt is the quality of your pots, pans, and cutleryElsewhere I have reviewed some very good collections of pot\/panneryFor today let me say that this is a VERY nice set of the sharper tools of the cooking trade, and one that would be of immense aid in meal prep","image_urls":[],"show_image":true,"star_rating":4,"verified_review":false,"by_shop_owner":false,"created_ts":"2022-01-27 00:37:37+00:00","video":null,"user_name":"enubrius","user_image_url":null,"comment":null,"resolved_message":null,"custom_fields":[],"region":null,"language":null,"is_foreign":false,"source":"Amazon","product_name":"Merlot Meat Cleaver 7\" | imarku","product_url":"https:\/\/\/products\/merlot-meat-cleaver-7-imarku-\u00ae"}],"highest_rated":[{"id":11270838,"body":"After a week of use- man is this knife good! Lightweight but not chintzy. Not sure if handle is real wood, but a high-quality material and beautifully molded to blade. Belly of knife is thick enough for power and strength, but not so thick it hurts cutting. Yet to see what blade retention is like, but knife has held its edge all week and I imagine will only need the honing next week. Great for meat and veggies, though more of a hybrid cleaver than a bone-smashing cleaver. The stainless steel has not rusted and has yet to react to anything I\u2019ve cut such as onions or chicken w\/vinegar. To boot, I was putting away the knife (into its lovely box) and I nearly cut my finger off trying to put the tip-tabs back on.A REALLY banging knife for the price.Please don\u2019t hate the video- I am not a professional and was cutting really only for demo purposes.","image_urls":["https:\/\/\/images\/I\/71Kb-Y+iVLL.jpg","https:\/\/\/images\/I\/81GuttUz4vL.jpg","https:\/\/\/images\/I\/81lziRxyaZL.jpg"],"show_image":true,"star_rating":5,"verified_review":true,"by_shop_owner":false,"created_ts":"2021-06-27 00:11:35+00:00","video":null,"user_name":"Customer","user_image_url":null,"comment":null,"resolved_message":null,"custom_fields":[],"region":null,"language":null,"is_foreign":false,"source":"Amazon","image_urls_optimised":["https:\/\/\/\u0026h=450\u0026orient=0\u0026s=6e3c1d09aecad69d4dd1b0c5141a5586","https:\/\/\/\u0026h=450\u0026orient=0\u0026s=91dab69f545716966e9bfdedf3d4e4f8","https:\/\/\/\u0026h=450\u0026orient=0\u0026s=fe0565b2e23b6c8d9632fd5872353d16"],"product_name":"Merlot Meat Cleaver 7\" | imarku","product_url":"https:\/\/\/products\/merlot-meat-cleaver-7-imarku-\u00ae"},{"id":11270846,"body":"I\u2019m impressed overall by these iMarku knives and knife sets. Their value and quality are great for around the kitchen and I find them to hold up their sharpness quite well! The handle feels nice and solid \u2014 not too slippery and not too rough \u2014 and the knife has a good weight balance to it for nice cutting that doesn\u2019t give much fatigue after long use.Overall, highly recommend! Oh, not to forget it comes in a nice black and red lined case!","image_urls":["https:\/\/\/images\/I\/91-h30W0UnL.jpg","https:\/\/\/images\/I\/B1RRv8ja0hS.jpg","https:\/\/\/images\/I\/C1WhUO5Cf+S.jpg"],"show_image":true,"star_rating":5,"verified_review":true,"by_shop_owner":false,"created_ts":"2021-05-13 00:31:06+00:00","video":null,"user_name":"T K.","user_image_url":null,"comment":null,"resolved_message":null,"custom_fields":[],"region":null,"language":null,"is_foreign":false,"source":"Amazon","image_urls_optimised":["https:\/\/\/\u0026h=450\u0026orient=0\u0026s=41dbe5aa5f7d62cf02a2f2f259c4de87","https:\/\/\/\u0026h=450\u0026orient=0\u0026s=eeaf2964fa8fd41c928436dad12e5f6f","https:\/\/\/\u0026h=450\u0026orient=0\u0026s=c2378b74683f9cf7b9495c49eb192b9e"],"product_name":"Merlot Meat Cleaver 7\" | imarku","product_url":"https:\/\/\/products\/merlot-meat-cleaver-7-imarku-\u00ae"},{"id":11270851,"body":"The delivery was so fast that I expected. The material is awesome. It looks so fancy. It\u2019s perfect for a present. Is easy to hold because of its light weight and also is easy to bring to different places. We like using it for vegetables and for the meat... it\u2019s really sturdiness and it makes it easier to use it.","image_urls":["https:\/\/\/images\/I\/B1DYNd6xJ0S.jpg","https:\/\/\/images\/I\/B1LTesUBTPS.jpg","https:\/\/\/images\/I\/C1mo7RHJAzS.jpg"],"show_image":true,"star_rating":5,"verified_review":false,"by_shop_owner":false,"created_ts":"2021-04-25 00:29:44+00:00","video":null,"user_name":"Juliana ","user_image_url":null,"comment":null,"resolved_message":null,"custom_fields":[],"region":null,"language":null,"is_foreign":false,"source":"Amazon","image_urls_optimised":["https:\/\/\/\u0026h=450\u0026orient=0\u0026s=fa6cc1b620aea304c66ddb5abe3e2824","https:\/\/\/\u0026h=450\u0026orient=0\u0026s=0707fcf4de7f96c4b85e5308f6bd7e34","https:\/\/\/\u0026h=450\u0026orient=0\u0026s=7e64ce62c6c1244e054839dd1d70e43a"],"product_name":"Merlot Meat Cleaver 7\" | imarku","product_url":"https:\/\/\/products\/merlot-meat-cleaver-7-imarku-\u00ae"},{"id":12683813,"body":"Wife is a chef and she loves it. This is her second knife in this brand and it\u2019s all she uses","image_urls":[],"show_image":true,"star_rating":5,"verified_review":true,"by_shop_owner":false,"created_ts":"2022-08-09 00:09:49+00:00","video":null,"user_name":"Charles W.","user_image_url":null,"comment":null,"resolved_message":null,"custom_fields":[],"region":"","language":"en","is_foreign":false,"source":"Amazon","product_name":"Merlot Meat Cleaver 7\" | imarku","product_url":"https:\/\/\/products\/merlot-meat-cleaver-7-imarku-\u00ae"},{"id":14324883,"body":"Light, sharp, and reasonable price","image_urls":[],"show_image":true,"star_rating":5,"verified_review":false,"by_shop_owner":false,"created_ts":"2022-07-29 00:26:29+00:00","video":null,"user_name":"Grace","user_image_url":null,"comment":null,"resolved_message":null,"custom_fields":[],"region":"","language":"en","is_foreign":false,"source":"Amazon","product_name":"Merlot Meat Cleaver 7\" | imarku","product_url":"https:\/\/\/products\/merlot-meat-cleaver-7-imarku-\u00ae"},{"id":12683871,"body":"why did I wait so long to own a cleaver. Cooking with this thing just puts you in a different mindset. I was able to cut large tomatoes more accurately. The added weight makes it much easier and comfortable to use it for longer periods, I was able to let the weight do the work. It feels very hefty but listing says not to use on bones, so maybe I don't own my first cleaver. palm to face. I still like this knive.","image_urls":[],"show_image":true,"star_rating":5,"verified_review":false,"by_shop_owner":false,"created_ts":"2022-07-27 00:23:39+00:00","video":null,"user_name":"jake","user_image_url":null,"comment":null,"resolved_message":null,"custom_fields":[],"region":"","language":"en","is_foreign":false,"source":"Amazon","product_name":"Merlot Meat Cleaver 7\" | imarku","product_url":"https:\/\/\/products\/merlot-meat-cleaver-7-imarku-\u00ae"}]},"foreign_reviews":[]," review_page_count":11,"foreign_review_page_count":0,"widget_type":"Product","review_form_data":{"shop_id":33364,"shop_name":"IMARKU","reviewer":{"name":null,"email":null},"products":[{"id":11609137,"name":"Merlot Meat Cleaver 7\" | imarku","product_image_url":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/0564\/8144\/8141\/products\/cleaverknife_f686aaf6-e189-46a6-bd52-3054f7d246c6.jpg?v=1634766151","custom_fields":{},"review":null,"review_request_id":null,"review_request_token ":null}]},"Fragen":[{"id":170499,"question":"can you custom the knife with a name on the blade?","answer":"Yes, but the delivery day may longer ","creation_timestamp":"2021-11-08T19:12:04.665939+00:00"}]}" data-opinew-shop-id="56481448141" data-shop-url="" data-platform-product-id="6775813406925">