Knife Care

It’s important to take good care of  knife. And remember to buy home knife sharpener, honing your knives each time before you cook can help to maintain a sharper edge longer. The sharper your knife, the less likely you are to hurt yourself.

  • Don’t put your knife in the dishwasher.
1.If you put the knife into the dishwasher, once it close the door, you don't know what happens, knives, forks that the blade could rub against, it will make your knife dull blade more quickly.

2.We are no sure what chemicals are in detergent, but they could react with the steel to cause it to pit out or become discolored.

  • Clean and dry it right away.

1.To clean knife, most of our experts recommend soap and hot water — and that’s it. Or even just hot water. “Hot water — just tap water — not boiling water.”

2.If his knives are carbon steel, he’ll oil them because “hot water will take off some of the oil and, if it’s carbon steel, it can potentially rust,” which is also a good reason to dry it off after you wash — oil or no oil.


  • Use a cutting board.

One of the best ways to keep your blade sharp is to cut on the right surface. Always use a cutting a board.


  • Store it with care.
Make sure the knife blade doesn’t come in contact with anything you don’t want it to come into contact with, be it a finger or another blade.
Magnets are fantastic for keeping [knives] in a safe place and keeping them sharp.