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Gifts For Mom Who Love To Cook | imarku

06 May 2022 0 Comments

It's no secret that our moms love to cook so let's give her a fitting gift, just in time for Mother's Day. We all know how challenging yet rewarding cooking is. One key aspect of cooking so enjoyable is the quality equipment we get to use. It's no fun if the pots, pans, and knives that she will be using are all rusted over.

You probably think of tons of gifts for mom, but why decide on cooking ware? Well, cooking knives are crucial in preparing the wonderful delicacies your mom is an expert of. Also, different ingredients such as meat and vegetables can be cut in different ways depending on the dish. Having the right set of cooking knives will make the job easier. Oven and other cooking wares are also a must if you wish to have your mom cook more leisurely.

With that being said, here are our top picks from imarku on the best cooking knives you can give to your mom as Mothers Day gifts.

Traditional Mom Gifts

If you're looking for the perfect gift for mom, consider a knife set. Knives are one of the most valuable and versatile tools in the kitchen, but many women have never had a chance to hone their skills with this essential tool. A complete set of knives will allow your mom to cut meat and vegetables, slice bread, carve roasts and cheeses, prepare fruits, etc. As a bonus, if she's a fan of cooking shows or other culinary media, you can help her feel like a celebrity chef with suitable knives.

Another great idea is to purchase a cookware set. Cookware sets are a must-have item in every kitchen. They enhance the cooking experience of your mom. Moreover, many delicacies can only be prepared using a cookware set. It's a perfect idea to gift it to your mom and make her feel special. It will increase her love for you and grow her passion for cooking. If she is already a good cook, this gift will definitely spark her interest in cooking.


What is the Best Gift to Buy Your Mom for Mother's Day?

People often say that the best gifts to give are things you know the recipient will love but you can't find on your own. This year, if you're thinking about what to get your mom for Mother's Day, think outside the box and consider a quality knife set or a new set of cookware. You may already know your mom wants them (or has been hinting about it) but haven't had time to shop around for the perfect set.

By purchasing your mom a professional-grade set, you'll treat her to easier and more enjoyable meal preparation. You might also consider buying her a new frying pan, wok, or some other high-quality piece of cookware. These items make creating delicious meals for the family much less daunting, and if you buy her something that's easy to clean and nonstick, she won't even have to spend time scrubbing pots and pans after dinner!

imarku Gift Ideas for Mom

1.16-Piece Japanese Knife Block Set

This imarku 16-Piece Japanese Knife Block set has different knives that serve every purpose you can think of. It is made of ergonomic Pakkawood handles that give off a classy and timeless look. This wood grain aesthetic will only get better as time goes on. It's a perfect mix of visual appeal and practicality to utilize durability and stress tolerance.

This set comes with:

  • 8" chef knife
  • 7" santoku knife
  • 8" bread knife
  • 5" steak knife (x6)
  • 8" utility knife
  • 5.5" kitchen scissors
  • 3.5" paring knife
  • 8" kitchen knife sharpening steel
  • 5" slicing knife
  • 6" chef knife
  • knife block

With a professional set of knives like this, you can certainly feel like your mom is cooking A-grade meals in the comfort of your home.

2.16-Piece Japanese Knife Set with Removable Block | Hammered design

With a Japanese Knife Set like this, you wouldn't be looking for another one that will reach the standard. The blades of this set are made out of ultra-sharp German stainless steel and are heat-treated to 58+ Rockwell hardness. This kind of craftsmanship will provide superior performance with its durability and quality. Your mother is sure to enjoy precise cutting with its hand-ground 16 degrees blades and enjoy excellent edge retention and easy sharpening.

Learn more the helpful tips on sharpening a serrated knife

The set includes:

  • 8" chef's knife
  • bread knife
  • slicing knife
  • stock knife
  • 6" chef's knife
  • utility knife
  • paring knife
  • sharpener
  • kitchen scissors
  • wood block
  • steak knife

The knife block is made out of quality walnut wood. It's a pull-away steak knife block design that provides easier access to all the other knives available in the set. It's perfect for having a clean and organized kitchen counter or even a tidier dining table for family gatherings.

3.5-Piece Knife Set Bundle

If you're looking for a budget knife set, this one is perfect for you. This set contains 5 essential knives that serve different purposes. All the blades are made of German stainless steel so it's sure to last a lifetime. With its ergonomic design on its handles mixed with the aesthetic design, it's sure to be enjoyable to be cooking when using them.

This set includes:

  • 8" chef knife
  • 6" Boning Knife
  • 7" Santoku knife
  • 3.5" Paring Knife
  • 10" Bread Knife

4.6-Piece Steak Knife Set 5"

This Steak Knife set contains only one type of knife which is perfect for preparing and slicing steaks. Each is well made with good quality wood and stainless steel blades, which stay sharp even after many uses. The blades have exceptional corrosion and oxidation resistance so it's sure to last long.

The long blades have a triple-riveted durable and dense handle so it wouldn't be a problem to slice all those big steaks. With its ergonomic Pakkawood handle, cutting a steak would never have been so easier.

 5.Chef Knife 8" | Hammered Design

This imarku Chef Knife is a multi-functional high-quality chef knife that is made of high-carbon stainless steel, and covered with powdered steel. This increases the hardness of the blade which makes cutting easy. The mirrored blade combined with the hammered or dimpled pattern efficiently makes food easy to release when slicing.

This chef's knife comes with a wonderfully made box suitable as one of the gifts for mom, perfect for Mother's Day.

 6.Nakiri Knife 7"

If you are on a budget and wish to opt for a one-piece knife set, then this one is for you. This Nakiri Knife is perfect for any type of slicing and dicing that is needed when cooking. It's suitable for both restaurant and home kitchens so it's highly recommended.

The blades, just like the others, are made out of high-quality German stainless steel that is stain, rust, corrosion, and discoloration resistant. The ergonomic pakkawood handle is well-balanced for more effortless movement. It has a comfortable grip and the structure relieves wrist fatigue and finger pain caused by prolonged use.

 7.Paring Knife 3.5"

This Pairing Knife is inexpensive if you're looking for a durable and sharp knife, perfect for an all-around utility knife. It's excellent for daily light kitchen duties. It's best used for slicing and peeling vegetables and fruits. With its ergonomic pakkawood handle, it'll be sure to do these tasks efficiently.

 8.Sushi Knife 10"

This imarku Sushi Knife is best used for preparing and slicing sushi and sashimi. With its length and the way the blade is designed, it's easy to cut through anything with little to no pressure applied. The balance of the knife is phenomenal.

The sharp edge has beautiful craftsmanship, designed with a mirror polish at a 12 - 15 degrees angle on each side. Because of this, the sharp blade won't crush or tear the structure and figure of the ingredients. This will allow the slicing of the sushi or sashimi without destroying its form.

9. Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

This Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven was constructed in Northeast France, and is designed and built with utmost care. It's an excellent versatile tool to have in the kitchen. The Dutch Oven is suitable for sauteing vegetables, simmering stews, braising short ribs, and baking bread.

The durable enameled cast iron construction is able to retain and distribute heat evenly. Its quality enamel coating is scratch, chipping, and cracking resistant. This then increases its durability and excellent performance. It also has a self-basting lid with moisture distribution. The tight-fitting spiked lids are designed to circulate steam and to return moisture back onto the food for better flavorful cooking.  Everything you need to know about Dutch Ovens.

10.8-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set | Diamond Design

Looking into the kitchen cookware sets, this nonstick Tawoni 8-piece set will catch your eye. Each pot or pan will suit your mom's every need. May it be for making pasta, stew, or breakfast food, this set is versatile and perfect to use.

This set includes:

  • 5.5QT Casserole
  • 4.2QT Saute Pan
  • 1.6QT Sauce Pan
  • 9.5" Fry Pan
  • 8" Fry Pan
  • tempered glass lid (x3)

The nonstick cookware set has an aluminum coating that is infused with synthetic diamonds that ensure the pots and pans are nonstick. With it allowing to heat up more quickly, you're sure to cook faster and save lots of time.

The cookware set has silicone touch handle grips that provide comfortable and safe cooking experiences. The ergonomic handles are heat resistant and are cool to the touch. The cookware set can be used on gas, electronic, ceramic, induction, and halogen stovetops. This will offer you a variety of choices if one or the other is not available in your household.

11.14-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Sets

This imarku no coating cookware set offers stainless steel pots and fans with a unique hammered finish. It's perfect for cooking all kinds of delicacies that your mom is happy to make.

This set includes:

  • 8" Frying Pan with grip handle
  • 9.5" Frying Pan with grip handle
  • 11.8" Frying Pan with grip handle
  • 9.5" Steamer Insert with helper handles
  • 1.14qt Sauce Pan with grip handle
  • 1.92qt Sauce Pan with grip handle
  • 3.33qt Sauce Pan with grip handle
  • 5.5" Sauce Pan Lid
  • 6.3" Sauce Pan Lid
  • 7.9" Sauce Pan Lid
  • 3.94qt Saute Pan with grip handle and helper handle
  • 10.24" Saute Pan Lid
  • 6.23qt Stock Pot with helper handles
  • 9.5" Pot Lid

It's oven to stovetop compatible, which means you can use it on stovetops that are ceramic glass, induction, gas, and electric. These kitchen pans are perfect for frying, roasting, steaming, baking, etc. Its break-resistant glass covers will allow you to have a close eye on how your food is doing without losing heat or flavor.

12.16-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

This nonstick cookware set is perfect for any type of dish your mom wants to serve. With its nonstick coating, it provides easy cleanup adaptability. It has a Whitford xylan layer, ensuring that the pots and pans are free of lead and cadmium. Then sprinkled white point design provides an aesthetic appeal and a practical feel, preventing the surface from being scratched and damaged.

This set includes:

  • (2x) 2.07QT.milk pot
  • (2x) 5.54QT. stockpot with glass lid
  • 9.5" frying pan
  • 11" frying pan
  • (2x) 11" * 3.15 "H frying pan with glass lid
  • 11" square frying pan
  • silicone spoon
  • silicone leak shovel
  • silicone colander
  • (2x) insulation pad
  • (2x) insulation glove

 13.13" Bamboo Cheese Board

This imarku bamboo charcuterie board set is made to create fabulous cheese platters and other special dishes for the holidays or occasions. A practical and useful party tray ensures this Mother's Day gift will leave an impression.

This set includes:

  • 13" charcuterie board
  • (4x) cheese knife set
  • (2x) 6.1" magnetic drawers

The magnetic drawers are hidden underneath the large charcuterie board, making it compact and easier to pack up things. It has easy-grip handles and nonslip feet, making spills and other messes to be avoidable.


With all these Mothers Day gifts, one is sure to catch your eye and fits your budget. Cooking is an excellent way to spend one's time so it's best to have the best equipment.

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