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5 Essential Pots and Pans to Keep in Your Kitchen

5 Essential Pots and Pans to Keep in Your Kitchen - IMARKU

Are you looking for your best cooking pans and pots? Do you want to know which cookware set is worth trying? 

For regular cooking, you will need a reliable cookware set. It will help you to prepare whatever you want. However, it might not be easy to find proper cooking pots. You might end up buying the wrong set. Therefore, a little bit of research might help to avoid any confusion. For your help, here are the five essential pots and pans. You can go through them to know about their usages and benefits. If you find them worth your money, you can go ahead.

Five Essential Pots and Pans in Your Kitchen

In your kitchen, you might need a few cooking pots. These are a frying pan, cocotte, rondeau pan, saucepan, and stock pot. 


Frying Pan

You can use an imarku 12" stainless clad frying pan for most of your frying needs. It can be perfect for frying catfish and diced potatoes. It is a multi-purpose frying pan that you can use at high heat. You can use it for frying, tossing, and flipping foods. All the credit goes to its flared sides and flat base. Here are the features and benefits to make it easier to decide.

  • Quality Construction: The product comes as a blend of stainless steel and aluminium core layers. The material will offer extreme durability and even heat distribution. As the bottom will be flat and wide, you will have enough cooking surface. Also, it uses 403 stainless steel material. The material helps with magnetic and high thermal conductivity. Besides, the material is corrosion resistant and will not react with the food. So you can enjoy the original flavor and taste. 
  • Well-Made & Cool Handle: While frying, the handle of this frying pan will stay cool. Therefore, you will not experience a bit of inconvenience. The ergonomic handle will provide a safe and secure grip. Besides, the handle will have a hole. You can hang your pan in any convenient place. 
  • Versatile: This frying pan uses heat-conductive materials to ensure even heat distribution. And it is compatible with most of your cookware. You can use it on the ceramic, electric, gas, and in your oven. Also, the uniform heating and fast heat conduction will save both your time and energy. 
  • Impressive Design: It comes with a hammered design and uses handcrafted techniques to add elegance and warmth to your kitchen. You will appreciate the look and feel of your pan. 
  • Minimal Maintenance: Apart from all these, the maintenance requirements will be minimal. Yes, this frying pan is easy to maintain and clean. You can clean the inside and outside of your pan with detergent, water, and a sponge. You can dry it up after cleaning to avoid food grease residue buildup. Also, it is dishwasher safe. You can clean the pan after every use to get the desired durability. Besides, you will have to avoid dry burning. 

In brief, this simple frying pan has all the advanced features to serve you for a long time. Also, you will not have to spend more effort on cleaning. You can use this to fry most things. It can be suitable for foods that need more cooking surfaces. Yes, it will have plenty of room to support different frying needs. However, you will have to follow the cleaning and usage instructions to boost the durability and efficiency of your frying pan. It can be the best for both personal and professional cooking environments. 


Do you have a cocotte in your kitchen? If not yet, you can consider having it now. It is a classic ceramic or iron pot designed for slow cooking. It can be great for one-pot meals. You will love the design and usability of the cocotte. Also, the thickness of the pot supports all the slow-cooking foods. It will retain the heat and then release the heat slowly to cook your food and keep it hot for a long time. As a result, you can impress everyone with hot meals.

Besides, these pots look super impressive and can improve the appearance of any kitchen. You can keep them on your table and serve food hot. All your family members will appreciate this simple addition. Apart from that, these pots are available in different sizes. You will find them in unique colors and shapes as well. Hence, you can find the one based on your cooking needs and other decors of your kitchen.

A cocotte is also known as a Dutch Oven or French Oven. It can support different cooking needs. You can use it for stewing, baking, sautéing, braising, frying, and boiling. You will find this cooking pot in many traditional kitchens. It is an old cooking vessel and has secured its space in modern kitchens. Also, you can use it during your adventure. Yes, it can be used while being in the wild. The open fire will not damage your cooking pot. You can enjoy hot food whenever you want.

Rondeau Pan

A Rondeau Pan can be another good addition to any kitchen. Even chefs love to have this one in professional cooking settings. The benefit is that it can help you in many different ways to support your cooking. You will not find much difference in the design and shape of a cocotte and rondeau pan. However, it has a deeper bottom than its competitor. Extra deepness makes it an ideal choice for stewing and boiling. Also, it can evaporate liquids effectively to get higher flavor intensity.

A Rondeau Pan is multi-function and well made. You can use it for stews, curries, and soups. However, you will have to focus on a few buying considerations to find the best pan for your use. You will have to ensure that it comes with a heavy base. That can help with good heat conductivity. Also, a heavy base can retain the heat for a long time. These pots will have tight-fitting lids. Besides, you can find oven-friendly options. You can choose a versatile pan to get support for different cooking needs. 



Many of us think that a saucepan has limited usage. However, it can serve different purposes. It can be a best addition when you have limited space in your kitchen. 

Saucepans are available in different finishes and materials. However, you can get one that has a heavier base. Heavy bases will offer the desired durability and better efficiency. Therefore, you can expect more heat conductivity and heat-retaining benefits.

You can use a saucepan for different purposes. You can cook grains and re-heat your leftovers. It can also help to prepare sauces and portioned cooking. However, saucepans might heat up quickly. So you will have to use either medium or small burners to prevent burning. 


Stock Pot

A stock pot is tall and comes with narrow sides. The design ensures slow evaporation of liquids compared to other cooking essentials. Also, it is available in different shapes and materials. However, you can go with stainless steel material to get more benefits. A stock pot can be your ideal kitchen companion to cook large batches. Yes, the size makes it the best choice for streaming and boiling in large quantities. You can expect a fast result and better efficiency.

When it comes to usage, you will have many options. You can have this unique pot to boil pasta, stocks, potatoes, and chills. Also, it can work as a lifesaver while cooking oddly shaped or large foods. We can take the example of gourds, lobsters, and crabs. All will require plenty of space for cooking. In brief, a stock pot can come to your rescue when your recipe requires many ingredients in large volumes.

More Essential Cooking Tools

You cannot plan cooking without pots and pans. We all will have some cooking pots in our home kitchens. However, we will have to act smart and use versatile pans or a cookware set. Yes, they will save space in the kitchen and our time. Or if you have a big space instead, you can consider having an imarku 16 piece pots and pans set. You will get all you need in this set.  

Wrapping It Up

Cooking is an art, and you can enjoy it to the fullest with the right essentials. Make sure that you have the best kitchen pans and pots with you while preparing something delicious and healthy. All the above products are durable, versatile, and easy to maintain. Hence, you will have less hassle and more fun while doing any cooking job. 

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