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How to Organize Your Kitchen like a Pro

23 Oct 2021 0 Comments

A proper kitchen complements any homestead, as it crowns the essential room in the house. It's an area where the family makes all their foods starting from breakfast to supper, and have the meals there. However, homeowners leave the kitchen cluttered and dirty, thus making it uncomfortable for the family and even guests.

It's essential to organize your kitchen correctly; an adequately organized kitchen can even motivate you to prepare meals appropriately. If you've been looking for the best guide on organizing the kitchen, you're in the right place. This blog post discusses the best way to organize a kitchen like a pro that you can adopt.


1. Start By Decluttering The Kitchen

The best way to organize a kitchen is to start by decluttering it. It's the primary source of having a messy kitchen, as the clutter in the kitchen makes it look disorganized. The appropriate way to declutter your kitchen is to ensure that you only buy what you need. Buy foodstuffs and equipment you require to avoid the unnecessary ones from taking your kitchen space, especially if you've got a small kitchen space. In addition, apart from restricting the purchase of unnecessary things, you can also get rid of all the things and equipment you don't use from the kitchens. Experts recommend eliminating all items you haven't used for more than one year to free up some space.


2. Organizing The Kitchen Into Zones

After getting clutter out of the kitchen, you have to start thinking about the appropriate place where you'll arrange the remaining equipment and appliances. The best strategy is to arrange your kitchen into zones; the zones will make the kitchen attractive and easy to move when cooking. Check for the different zones you can apply for your kitchen based on the kitchen space, the appliances, and the equipment.

The most common zones you can arrange in your kitchen include having a consumable and non-consumables zone. It's a place where you can have the most non-perishable and non-consumable ingredients like oils, flours, cups, and dishes. The cleaning zone should be around the sink area to have your soap, pot scrubbers, and dish towels.

Additionally, have a preparation zone, an area where you can have equipment such as cutting boards or others to prepare food. Then, have a cooking area with your cooking equipment, oven, stove, and other cooking supplies.


3. Keep Your Cabinets In Order

When arranging your kitchen, you shouldn't forget your cabinets. Check the cabinets and ensure that you arrange them well, thinking about how often you use certain items. To avoid straining or disarranging your cabinets when picking these goods, ensure that you can easily reach those you frequently use. A proper cabinet arrangement includes storing bowls, serving platters, and other non-essential items in the top cabinet.

You can store the heavy items or equipment on the bottom cabinets. Items with heavyweight, such as baking pans, heavy skillets, casserole dishes, and even pressure cookers, will better suit this location. You can use features such as nest bowls, spice rack, lazy Susan, and small baskets to organize your cabinets appropriately by having small items and products in these structures. Apart from helping in the proper organization of your cabinet, it also helps to save space.


4. Organize The Kitchen Drawers


Drawers may be part of the kitchen structure depending on your kitchen's design; thus, you should consider them when organizing your kitchen. If the drawers have cubbies and slots, ensure you organize the utensils and other kitchen tools in the drawers appropriately. When organizing them, provide some designated places for different tools, like spatulas, wine or bottle openers, and graters in separate drawers for easy access.


5. Check On The Countertops


In most kitchens, you might find some equipment, utensils, and ingredients scattered on the countertops. Despite not negatively impacting the kitchen's arrangement, it'll be good to ensure they haven't cluttered the countertops, limiting the meal preparation space. Importantly, it'll be good to reserve the countertops for appliances and things you frequently use, for example, blenders, ingredients like pepper, cooking oils, and salt. Alternatively, you can use stacking shelves to organize your countertops for storing things like coffee mugs, sauce boats, and spices or cereals in the mason jars.


6. Organize The Pantry Section

In most kitchens, a messy and stuffy pantry is one of the biggest problems when organizing a kitchen. You might find some things stacked or buried in the corners for an extended period. It's essential to consider checking and arranging your pantry well. The fundamental rule is to arrange all things within your vision and reach when arranging the pantry.

Placing the things within reach will be essential to prevent the longer duration without using some things leading to expiry. In addition, store them facing forward and have visible labels to name them to avoid confusion while using them. If you have small kids and pets like cats and dogs in the house, it'll be good to consider what you place in front of the pantry. Keep them away from their reach to prevent and spillings or misplacements when trying to reach them.


7. Keep Your Freezer And Refrigerator In Order

When organizing the kitchen, most individuals have forgotten to keep the freezer and refrigerators in order. It's an important area when looking at how to organize your kitchen appropriately. Having a cluttered refrigerator with spoiled or expired foods won't be appropriate for your kitchen. It keeps the kitchen in a bad state and may increase the chances of your fridge breaking down.

It'll be essential to keep your fridge arrangement simple despite the constantly shifting and changing items and contents. Use the drawers in the refrigerators to ensure you get a decluttered and well-arranged appliance. For the freezers, it'll be appropriate to arrange everything you place in the freezers well and ensure that every item has got a label bearing the date you placed it in the freezer. The dates will be essential for tracking the leftovers and checking to determine when you placed and used the older foodstuff. You can use storage containers or bins to arrange the foods neatly in the freezer.


Wrapping Up

A well-arranged, functional kitchen place will help achieve the efficiency of all the kitchen operations. Therefore, it'll be essential to ensure you have decluttered the kitchen and arranged everything appropriately to enjoy your cooking and dining in the kitchen. This information provides the most appropriate way to organize a kitchen. It would help if you tried this arrangement plan to achieve your kitchen's best arrangement and increase functionality.

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