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How To Organize Pots and Pans in Your Kitchen At Home

How To Organize Pots and Pans in Your Kitchen At Home - IMARKU

The way you organize and store pots and pans is very much a personal preference. However, storage and organizational methods vary from country to country. For instance, the French like to hang their pots and pans from a rack on the ceiling or even on the wall. That way, they can easily reach for them when they need another cooking pot. Most other nationalities like to store their pots and pans away in a cupboard. It has to be said the French way is pretty unique.


How To Organize Pots And Pans In A Modern Kitchen

Needless to say, we all want our pots and pans to be within easy reach when we cook and prepare meals. After all, you don't want your sauce pan to be a million miles away from your cooker when you suddenly decide to add a sauce to the evening meal.

Most of us like to keep the pots and pans we use every day close by. But, should we keep them in a cupboard? Let's find out different ways of organizing and storing pots and pans in your kitchen at home.



What Is The Best Way To Store Pots and Pans?

The best and most common way is to store your pots and pans in a kitchen cupboard. When you keep your cooking essentials in a cupboard, you can be sure that they will stay clean when you need to use them.

Should you store them directly on the shelves? As we all know, most kitchen cupboards have wooden or faux wood shelves. At first glance, placing your pots and pans directly on your shelves sounds like a great idea. The problem is that the bottom of pots and pans are delicate and may even scratch. Instead of storing your pots directly on a hardwood shelf, it is a good idea to use an underlay of some kind.

The underlay does not have to be thick, but it needs to cushion and protect the underneath of your pots. Protecting the underneath of your pots is the smart thing to do and will make them last longer.



How Do I Organize My Pots and Pans and Lids?

The jury is out on how you should store your lids and pots. Should you store your lids separately? Well, once again, this seems to be a matter of personal preference. If you like to keep your lids separately, hanging them on the cupboard door is the best solution.

You can buy specialist racks that you attach to kitchen cupboard doors. The racks have a slot per lid. It is a pretty good way of storing lids, especially if you have glass lids.

When you don't think that option is for you, the alternative is to store the lids on the pots. The only problem with that is that your lids may get scratched and the pots' underneath can become damaged. You can buy racks that allow you to separate the pots. They are an excellent investment when you want to look after your pots.



Is It Okay To Stack Pots and Pans?

We more or less covered that, but it is a good idea to go into greater detail.

You can try stacking your pots and pans directly on each other. However, when you have invested a lot of money in your pans, you should do your best to look after them.

There are different ways of approaching this topic. As mentioned, you can buy a rack. When you really want to look after your pots, you should try to store them with something in between. You can buy specialist storage systems and pads to place in between your pots. That is the best way to store your pots and pans when you want to stay looking good for longer.



How Do You Organize A Sauce Pan Cupboard?

In general, you will find that most sauce pan cupboards consist of at least a couple of shelves. If you only have one on the shelf, you should consider adding an extra shelf.

Most chefs or home cooks like to divide their pots up in between small and large. That means they store larger pots on the bottom shelf and smaller ones on the top shelf.

Where should you store the sauce pans you use most often? We all have our favorite pots that we like to use. The most efficient way of storing them is to store the ones you use most frequently close to the front. That way, you can easily reach into the cupboard and get them out quickly when you need them.



Storing Pots And Pans On Kitchen Surfaces

Storing pots and pans on kitchen surfaces is not such a good idea. Many cooks like to leave favorite pots out. It is okay, but the downside is that your pots will get dirty and dusty. When we cook, oil can easily splash and make your pots dirty. In the long run, your pots will not last as long if you store them on top of your kitchen surfaces.




Putting Away Pots

Should you put away wet pots? Although many don't bother drying their pots before putting them away, you should do so. Mold and other materials can easily start growing in your pots. This is particularly true of cast iron cookware.

Before you put any pot or pan away, make sure that it is thoroughly clean. Wipe it clean with a soft cotton kitchen towel and then put away.

Should you use a linen cloth? Linen kitchen towels are beginning to pop up in our kitchens. It is okay, but you may find linen is more abrasive than cotton. The best way to dry your pots and pans is to dry them with a high-quality cotton kitchen towel.

When you look after your pots and pans in the right way, they should last you for a lifetime. It is always better to invest in high-quality pots and pans rather than cheap ones, which will not last as long. Thanks to online shopping, it is now easier to buy good quality cookware than ever before.

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