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How to Make Sushi at Home

How to Make Sushi at Home - IMARKU

Everybody loves food. We need it to stay alive, and we also want to explore different kinds of foods from different places. This is why some foreign foods are emerging and now a part of our special occasions and events inside or outside our home. One of these emerging food discoveries is the Japanese Sushi.

Sushi is a traditional food in Japanese culture. It is made up of authentic and different ingredients that are put together to enhance and improve the flavor of the food.

It often has seafood ingredients, which are very rich in the country. It can only be reached in Japan and restaurants that are serving such kinds of delicacies in the past. But now, we can get it almost everywhere. You can even make Sushi in the comforts of your home!

Homemade Sushi

Eating Sushi is a fun experience, but making one is even more fun. It is pretty straightforward, but at the same time very complicated. Preparing and finding the right ingredients is not that easy, especially if you want to have that authentic and original taste. Groceries that have an international food section can provide them for you, but it is better to find these ingredients in international food shops or stores so that you can get the whole real Japanese experience.

Ingredients for making Sushi

To start up your make sushi at-home project, you must find the following ingredients first:

Japanese Rice – also called Sushi-meshi, is a bowl of white short-grain rice with a certain stickiness. However, it is different from glutinous Rice. It is prepared by adding salt, sugar, rice vinegar, and some wine or sake in some circumstances. Some grocery stores have them labeled as Japonica Rice.

Nori – also known as Japanese black seaweed that is used as wrappers. It is a type of algae found in the harbors of Japan. They are scraped, rolled into thin sheets, and dried under the sun. It is an edible snack and now has a variety of flavors, but such commercialized products are not suitable to use in sushi making because of the other tastes that it might affect the taste of Sushi.

Gu – these are varieties of fish that can be used in making Sushi. You must find the fish that is suitable not only for the flavor but also for sanitary and culinary. Many professional chefs know the essential attributes you need to find on a fish, like color, firmness, smell, and freedom from parasites. Common fish that are used are yellowtail, tuna, snapper, salmon, and tuna.

Some sushi can also use different kinds of seafood like eel, squid, octopus, clam, shrimp, crab, and sea urchin. Vegan Sushi uses pickled radish, vegetables, fermented soybeans, cucumber, avocado, gourd, asparagus, and sweet corn on their Sushi.

Condiments - Sushi is commonly eaten with the flavors of condiments, commonly dipped in soy sauce or SHOYU, added with wasabi, or a paste of the Wasabia plant that has a spicy flavor.

Authentic wasabi has properties that prevent the risk of food poisoning and added anti-microbial properties. This can help and balance the risk that raw food can give your stomach.

Tools Needed for Making Good-tasting Sushi

Now that you know the basic and authentic ingredients for making Sushi, you also need to know what tools you should have to pull them all together and make good-tasting Sushi. Here is a checklist you need to follow:

Bamboo rolling mat or makisu – This is a utensil inspired from Asian countries made out of thin bamboo strips tied up together to make a flexible and easy-to-use mat used to form rolls of Sushi evenly.

Plastic wrap – use this thin wrap of plastic, the rice, and other ingredients will not stick to the mat and the sushi will look good and spread evenly.

Sharp knife – a very good and sharp knife is used to slice sushi or sashimi so that it will be sliced well and will not stick on the sides of the knife. One of the best knives in doing this job is the iMarku 10" Sushi knife. Here are some characteristics of the iMarku 10":

It is perfect for slicing sashimi and sushi rolls because it is a special sharp blade and single-sided knife which will prevent the ingredients of the sushi from tearing apart.

It has a durable stainless steel blade and high-performance. Ergonomically and perfect in grip with great balance.

It is easy to clean and would be a great gift for your loved ones.

Cutting board – this is where the mat is laid upon so that the sushi can be evenly spread out and balanced in flavor. One of the best cutting boards there is the iMarku wooden cutting board which has the following characteristics:


Strong Durability, suitable for kitchen knives, does not hurt the blade 

This can be used as a wooden serving board.

It is stable and has hidden handles.

It is well-balanced and precise in nature.

Having the best tools and materials to make sushi, you can now follow the easy steps in making one:

1. Cook the rice. Make the rice in its proper instruction and get the right taste.

2. Season and put flavors on the rice to make it tasteful.

3. Prepare your vegetables by slicing them vertically.

4. Wrapping the sushi. Use the mat and the plastic wrap to avoid messy work.

5. Roll, then squeeze, then repeat. Do this so that you can make a sushi hold together.

6. Slice then serve. Use the best slicing knife to avoid messiness and destruction of the sushi ingredients.

Making the best food needs the best ingredients and tools. Now that you have all the basics that you need, you can now have and make the most authentic Sushi that you do even in the comforts of your home. Make sure that your ingredients are fresh and not prone to food poisoning so that you can enjoy the food with your family and friends.

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