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The Ultimate Guide to Hammered Kitchen Knives

11 Jan 2022 0 Comments

Knives are essential kitchen tools for preparing foodstuffs and ingredients while you're making your meals. With the numerous options available, individuals find it challenging to choose the appropriate knife that suits their needs.

Nevertheless, most individuals prefer hammered kitchen knives for commercial or home use while preparing food.

Investing in these knives is important in your kitchen to help you achieve your different kitchen and food preparation tasks effectively. With their hammered blade, they are the suitable option that you can use for your cutting needs as they offer versatility, durability and prevent foods from sticking. Read through the article to understand more about these knives before investing in them.

Why are Some Knives Hammered?

The blacksmiths hammer some knives or rolling machines to achieve different features and properties when manufacturing knives. Below are the top reasons why the blacksmiths or manufacturing companies hammer other knives:

● Provides robustness

Seeking to achieve robustness is the main reason for hammering the knives. The process helps the blade attain an unrivaled toughness, which is important to prevent any breakages or cracks due to stress while using the knife. Unlike the other knife, the robustness helps to enhance the blade's quality and durability while you're using them for your kitchen needs.

● Enables manufacturers to achieve a wide range of sizes and shapes

Most customers would want a sophisticated design and shape when choosing the appropriate knives. Hammering the blades is important to help blacksmiths achieve designs that vary from bars, shafts, rings to other specialized shapes. Additionally, the process helps achieve customized length, hardness, and thickness of your blade.

● Helps to prevent food or ingredients from sticking to the blades

It's usually annoying when foods stick on the blades when chopping, slicing, mincing, and dicing your foods. However, you won't experience this issue when using a hammered knife. The oxidation blackening technology and hammering process effectively help prevent food from sticking on the blades.

● Offers longevity

Hammering a knife ensures that it offers longevity and durability. After hammering, the knife comes with resilient and tough features that reduce the chances of damage or chipping off. They are essential features that make the knife offer longevity and serve you better for a long time in the kitchen.

What is the Difference between Hammered and Non-hammered knives?

Despite offering similar results or performing the same tasks in the kitchen, the hammered and non-hammered knives have some differences in their manufacturing process, quality, and other features. The following are the common differences between these knives:

● Manufacturing differences

The main differentiating factor between the two knives is the manufacturing process. When manufacturing the hammered knives, the blacksmiths make them from a single steel bar. They heat the bar and then pound into the appropriate shape using a hammer or a specialized rolling machine. In contrast, when making the non-hammered knife, they cut the blade out from a steel sheet. After which, they hone and heat-treat it to enhance durability and effectiveness.

● Features of the knives

You can also differentiate the knives by looking at their features. The hammered knife comes with a wider blade lip towards where the blade meets the knife's handle. In addition, these knives come with either a partial or full tang. Alternatively, most non-hammered knives have tangs but come with metals along the handle's edge. The tang is important for enhancing durability, quality, and knife balance. Lastly, most of the non-hammered knives have a narrow blade tip.

● Quality and cost

With the labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive process, most knife enthusiasts believe that the hammered knives are often pricier and better-quality. In contrast, most believe that non-hammered knives are usually cheap, low quality, and have a short life span. However, you'll need to be careful when choosing to get the appropriate and top-quality hammered knife.

Does Having Hammering Help Foods Not Stick?

The greatest annoyance is when the food sticks to the blade when cooking or preparing your food. Some foods, especially wet food such as veggies end up sticking on the sides of your knife; thus, you might spend a longer duration trying to knock them off the blade. If you're tired of the food sticking on the knife, the appropriate solution is to seek hammered kitchen knives.

These knives help prevent food from sticking on either side due to the blade's material and hammering process. When hammering or manufacturing, the manufacturers synthesize the blades by a professional oxidation blackening technology and hammering process. The oxidation technology and hammering process effectively prevent the food from sticking on the blade.

In addition, the hammered knives come with a full convex grind and a hammer finish that reduces the contact area between the blade and slice. Most homeowners who want to prevent slices of food or ingredients from sticking on the knife's blades choose the hammered knife pieces as their design and raw material prevent slices from sticking.

Hammered Steel Vs. Damascus Steel

Damascus and hammered steel are popular materials containing high carbon steel, and the blacksmiths use them to make high-quality and durable knives. Despite having some common or similar characteristics, these materials have some differences you need to compare when choosing the appropriate one. Below is the comparison between the hammered and Damascus steel.

Most blacksmiths and individuals commonly choose hammered steel due to their high carbon steel composition. 

Additionally, caring for the hammered steel blade is very easy to maintain, unlike the Damascus steel, which requires regular oiling, cleaning, and sharpening to enhance durability. 

Best Recommended Hammered Kitchen Knives

With the numerous hammered knives available, most individuals find it daunting to choose the right knife. Below are the best-hammered kitchen knives recommended for your kitchen needs.

1. Hammered Japanese Chef's Knife 8"

It's a high-quality and sharp Imarku stainless hammered knife from Imarku. The manufacturers make this knife from high-quality German Hc stainless steel. The hammered Japanese chef's knife offers high efficiency and durability in the kitchen due to its high-quality raw material.

Additionally, the hammered Japanese chef's knife is a multi-function kitchen piece that you can use for a long time without breaking or rusting. When manufacturing it, the blacksmiths use a professional oxidation technology important to prevent foods from sticking on it and make cutting easier.


● It's a multi-functional knife you can use for cutting, slicing, and chopping different foods.

● It has an ultra-sharp edge.

● It offers a perfect balance of design and comfort when using it

● Easy to sharpen

● Offers durability

2. Hammered Butcher knife 6.7"

When looking for the best knife for kitchen food and ingredient preparation, the Imarku butcher knife 6.7." offers the best alternative. The knife comes with a high-quality blade and a leather coring that allows you to meet your kitchen needs when you travel. In addition, it's attractive kitchen cutlery as it comes with a unique or sophisticated feature and design. Despite being heavy, it's the perfect option to cut large pieces of meat or flesh with tiny bones. Most individuals and homeowners prefer it as their top meat preparation knife.


● It's a rust-resistance blade due to the high-quality material

● Offer the appropriate multi-function meat cleaver

● Have full tang wooden handles that offer the best ergonomic options

● It comes with a unique leather knife sheath, which makes it easy to carry

3. Hammered Kiritsuke knife 7.5"

The hammered Kiritsuke knife is one of the outstanding chef's knives for all the chefs. This knife offers versatility; thus, the chef can use it for the different cutting needs in their kitchen. The Kiritsuke chef knife doesn't chip or become dull easily because it has more layers than the other ordinary knives. These layers reflect the expertise of the Imarku Company. This chef's knife comes with an anti-stick effect, resulting from oxidation blackening and hammering. Lastly, the hammering process also provides the knife with face value and a technical feel.


● It's a multipurpose piece you can use for your routine kitchen slicing, chopping, dicing, and mincing needs.

● It offers a perfect geometric design due to its angular design

● It has a super-sharp blade

● Essential for cutting flesh with bones

● It has a comfortable and ergonomic handle

4. AUS10 Hammered Santoku Knife 8"

It's a beautiful and Asian-inspired knife continuously becoming one of the kitchen enthusiasts' favorites due to its versatility. The AUS10 hammered Santoku knife is versatile for different cutting needs. It has a large bell curve essential for cutting as you make easy forced and down moves. The design makes it an appropriate option for accomplishing your light kitchen tasks.


● Offers durability

● It has a huge belly curve to accomplish your cutting needs

● It comes with a hard and strong blade due to the raw materials

● Its design is appropriate for the left handlers

● It offers an attractive and unrivaled beauty

5. 16-Piece Japanese Hammered Knife Set

It's an attractive 16-piece kitchen knife set with a unique block with a classic appearance. The block has an ergonomic handle with a high-quality pakkawood, offering a beautiful ornament in your kitchen. The knife set includes steak knives*6, kitchen shear*1, bread knife*1, slicing knife*1, utility knife*1, paring knife*1, 6-inch chef knife*1, Santoku*1, chef knife*1, Knife block*1, and knife sharpening rod*1. These knives come with hard and flexible hammered blades to offer different kitchen needs.


● It comes with highly hard and flexible blades

● Has durable blades

● Have a tall blade essential for chopping activity and food preparation

● Have a high quality and incredibly robust handle offering the best ergonomic piece

6. 16-Piece Hammered Japanese Knife Set with Removable Block

It's a superior knife set with blades coming from high-quality raw material. The manufacturing company makes the blades from ultra-sharp stainless steel. When making the blades, the blacksmiths heats the raw material to +58 Rockwell hardness and precision tempered, which is essential for durability and superior knife performance.

Additionally, they hand-ground the blades to 16 degrees on each side to enhance its precise cutting, easy sharpening, and excellent edge retention. The set includes; 6* steak knife, 1* woodblock, 1* kitchen scissors, 1* sharpener, 1* paring knife, 1* utility knife, 1* 6" chef's knife, 1*slicing knife, 1* stock knife, 1* bread knife and 1* 8’’chef's knife.


● It offers an excellent craftsman handle aesthetically, ergonomic, and high-density handles.

● It comes with a unique and beautiful design

● Easy to sharpen

● It offers a durable and strong knife option

Final Thoughts

A knife is a greater addition to any kitchen to help you accomplish your meal preparation tasks. With the numerous options available in marketing, it has been challenging for most homeowners to choose the right one for their needs. Nevertheless, most individuals prefer hammered kitchen knives as they offer the appropriate durability, versatility, effectiveness, and effectiveness when preparing food in the kitchen. The above provides an ultimate guide to the hammered kitchen and the recommended ones for your kitchen needs.

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