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When it is time to prepare and cook your latest catch or purchase, the right fillet knife is essential in making the entire process substantially more straightforward.

There are many fillet knives available in the market, and it may be difficult for the average person to determine which one is the best.

Unfortunately, many people assume they can use almost any sharp knife to get the job done in their kitchen. But they are wrong. They do not understand that investing money in a quality fillet knife will make your work in the kitchen easier and save money over time. Because you won't have to replace it as often as you would a cheap knife.


The blade is what makes a fillet knife stand out from conventional knives. The typical fillet knife's blade is more flexible and lightweight, making it easy to separate the flesh from bone.

However, is that the best way to make an excellent fillet knife? This article will take an in-depth look at the best fillet knife on the market, the 7-inch fillet knife by iMarku. You'll learn everything you need to know when looking for a quality fillet knife and all questions you have will be answered.


The iMarku 7-inch fillet knife is a professional true Deba knife, commonly used in Japanese cuisines. This fish fillet knife is so good because it's specifically and perfectly designed for cutting fish. 

As it's widely known, Japanese cuisine includes a lot of fish. Deba knives are some of the most outstanding knives when it comes to cutting fish. 

The 7-inch knife is with a single bevel that honors the Japanese tradition of creating the sharpest edge. You don't ever have to worry about the knife losing its sharpness or luster. A sharpener easily sharpens and polishes the knife. The blade of the iMarku fillet knife is designed with a concave surface, also known as Murasaki. That's what makes the knife very efficient for handling delicate work such as fish bones. 

However, the maximum force point is far from the center of the blade because of the single bevel. Therefore, you should avoid using the knife to cut tough foods or large bones, but it can be used occasionally to cut delicate poultry bones.


The following are some of the best features that make the Deba knife stand out compared to other fillet knives. They include:

● Blade Width: 2"/ 50mm

● Knife Weight: 278g

● Package: Elegant gift box

● Knife Length: 12.1"/ 307mm

● Blade Thickness: 5.5mm

● Blade Length: 6.5"/ 165mm

● Hardness: 56-58 HRC

● Handle: Rosewood with an ergonomic shape

The 7-inch chef fillet knife is designed to fold steel repeatedly during the forging process. Hence it's solid. Therefore, when you use this chef fillet knife, you will realize why many cooking enthusiasts believe it is one to be treasured for a lifetime.

Traditional single bevel - A favorite tool of professional chefs

The slicing surface of the knife is polished and smooth, with an experienced artisan's hand finish on the blade into a 12-15 degree single bevel mirror, making cutting and slicing effortless. These features make the knife efficient in cutting both meat and bones horizontally, also makes the upper layer of the meat anti-stick and ventilated. It helps keep an excellent flavor and dramatically reduces damage to the meat.

 Designed with an ergonomically shaped handle

A vintage and elegant rosewood handle is a beautiful aspect of these iMarku knives. Cooking becomes a true pleasure when you use this chef fillet knife. The handle brings a very artistic feel to your kitchen.

By the way, the Deba knife is created with a blade that's integrated with a comfortable and soft pakkawood handle. It makes you comfortable and firm when you cut your fish.

A Professional true Deba knife - Perfect for cutting fish

The Japanese Deba fillet knife is thick, wide, and amazingly sharp, making cutting and slicing easy. It's mainly suitable for gutting, breaking bones, cutting fish heads, and processing whole fish or filleting with great precision.


Made with high-end materials

The 7-inch sharp fillet knife is manufactured using high-quality materials, unlike other knives available on the market. It's created using high carbon stainless steel 5cr15mov, with a sharpness of 80-100, and hardness of HRC 56-5. This fillet knife is painstakingly manufactured for extreme hardness, corrosion resistance, and flexibility.

Things to remember when you come in first use a imarku fillet knife

You'll be able to significantly improve your cooking skills when you buy a top-quality Deba fillet knife.

● If you randomly cook Western or Japanese food, you must choose carefully.

● It can't chop big bones since it is very thin, crisp, and light.

● The knife has a particular use and should be used with a quality cutting board for optimal results.

● Please do not wash the iMarku knife in a dishwasher since hand washing and drying immediately after use. It will allow you to get the most out of it.

Pros and Cons


● It has an artistic design that's very appealing and brings a new feel to your kitchen

● Made with a traditional single bevel design that offers a lot of advantages to chefs and people who love cooking

● Particularly designed to cut and fillet fish, making it the best fillet knife

● Very easy and fast to clean, therefore maintenance isn't a problem

● Very sturdy and durable, made of 5cr15mov high-carbon stainless steel, making it excellent in rust prevention.


● The strength of the knife is not at the center of the blade. Therefore it has a limited number of uses in the kitchen.

● It might rust quickly if not properly cleaned and dried.

When you get the best fillet knife in the hand, you should know its difference from the cheap ones.

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