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The Secret to Amazing Smoked Chicken Wings

26 Jan 2022 0 Comments

Is there anything more satisfying than a plate of chicken wings? Only smoked chicken wings, perhaps! Chicken wings are an excellent finger meal to enjoy while watching a game or socializing with friends.

We adore smoked chicken wings because they have a rich smoky taste from the chicken and a hit of spice from the dry rub, all wrapped up in a delightful little finger-licking package. The tastiest smoked chicken wing recipes include a dry rub that enhances the flavor of the chicken.

Nothing compares to tucking into a huge bowl of wings. They're messy, tasty, and most importantly - simple to make. Let me walk you through the smoking process so you and your loved ones may enjoy this delectable treat from the comfort of your own home.


Wings come first!



There are three different ways of getting your chicken wings, each depending on the distinct components of the wings. The drumette resembles a little drumstick. The wingettes, also known as flats, are the intermediate region. The tip is almost entirely made of skin and bones.

Drumettes and wingettes are sold as separate pieces in most supermarkets. Some vendors also sell complete wings or wings with the only tips removed.


Apply a rub!



Season both sides of the chicken with salt and pepper. You can also perform a dry rub using garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika to add another layer of flavor.


Things you'll need to prepare

Sharp Knife



To separate the drumettes and wings from whole wings, you'll need a sharp knife with a tapered and pointed tip.


Chopping Board



Make sure you have a large, firm cutting board to set the wings and separate them without splattering chicken all over your chicken surface.


Bowl or Large Plastic Bag



This will be necessary for tossing your wings. You may also use a plastic bag if you don't have a large enough bowl.





Let's look at the most important thing to prepare in this process - the smoker. Before you put those wings in the smoker, make sure it's been well cleaned and prepared. We like to have a smoker since it better regulates the temperature and gives the chicken a rich smoky taste!


Aluminum Foil



Foil could be used to tent over the wings if they turned too much brown while being smoked.

Alright! Let's begin smoking now that you've got everything set up.


How to Smoke Chicken Wings?



Here is the step-by-step process on how to smoke your chicken wings!


Step 1. The wings should be patted dry.

The secret to preparing crispy, smoked chicken wings is to make sure that the skin is dehydrated. Refrigerate the wings for a few hours or overnight after patting them dry with paper towels. You will risk your wings heating in the smoker and turning a rubbery skin if you don't do this. Who wants rubbery-looking wings, right?

Step 2. To make a rub, mix the spices.

In a small mixing bowl, put all of the ingredients for the rub. I recommend whisking the spices together and breaking up any little clumps with your fingertips.

Step 3. Toss it around.

Toss the wings, olive oil, and rub them together in a big mixing bowl or plastic bag, ensuring that each wing is well covered. Allow approximately an hour of resting time for the wings.

Step 4. Prepare the smoker by preheating it.

Remember to preheat the smoker before putting the wings in. Preheat the smoker to 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit. You may also use a grill if you don't have a smoker. Add wood to the coals once they've heated up.

Step 5. Let it Smoke.

Place the wings in the smoker over indirect heat after preheating. Push the coals to one side and the wings to the other to do this, making sure the wings are not directly over the coal. The result of not getting the smoker hot enough before putting the wings in is a rubber chicken. It's important that during the cooking process, double-check your heat levels.

Even at 225 degrees, chicken wings take around 2 hours to cook. Of course, the weather, altitude, and the smoker's temperature all have a role. If you're smoking chicken legs and wings, the wings will probably be done first. To cook chicken properly, it must attain an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

But some prefer wings to be cooked at 175 degrees Fahrenheit rather than the standard 165F. This is due to the rising temperature that causes portions of the tight connective tissues in wings to break down, resulting in fall-off-the-bone sensitive wings. Furthermore, the wings are fatty enough to keep it juicy!

Step 6. Turn up the heat!

Your soft and juicy wings are almost done. It's now time to obtain that lovely crisp! To do so, cook the wings for 2-3 minutes over direct heat (grill or coal). This will give your wings enough time to develop that lovely color and crispness.

Step 7. Served saucy or plain

Remove the wings from the heat and set them aside to rest for up to 10 minutes. This will allow the meat to reabsorb its fluid and keep it tender. Plate the wings and serve with a sauce slathered on top, a dip on the side, or you can just eat them plain.


Best Sauce for Smoked Chicken Wings

A classic buffalo sauce for your smoked chicken wings will surely make your meal mouth-watering! This is very easy to do and just takes 5 minutes of your time! Just melt the butter in a small dish or glass jug in the microwave. Do not overheat and melt the butter. Then, add the spicy sauce, honey, salt, and pepper. Whisk until everything is blended correctly and your wing sauce is ready to use!

Richness, smoothness, and taste balance are all provided by butter. It's a must-have for making a tasty buffalo smoked chicken wings sauce.


How to Store Smoked Chicken Wings?

Couldn't finish everything in one sitting? Don't fret! Your chicken wings may be saved for another meal! Put the smoked chicken wings in an air-tight container with a cover and refrigerate them. I recommend eating them within 3-5 days. Otherwise, the wings may dry up. You can also eat these wings cold, straight from the fridge, or warm them up in an air fryer or microwave for a few minutes.



To add some flair to your smoked chicken wings, put them on a charcuterie board among all of your sauces, vegetables, dips, and other nibbles. As an appetizer, this is a fantastic way to serve the wings!

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