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Everything You Need to Know About Oven Safe Skillets

Everything You Need to Know About Oven Safe Skillets - IMARKU

You'll have to experiment endlessly in the kitchen to achieve your desired foods or recipes when cooking. While in the kitchen, a skillet is one of the oven safe equipment you can use for your frying or cooking needs. 

However, when choosing the skillet, it's vital to understand that not all the skillets offer even or equal heat distribution and are oven safe. 

Importantly, when looking at the oven safe skillets, you'll have to consider checking if types of metals are oven safe or not. If you're looking for the appropriate guidelines on the skillets safe for your oven, then you're in the right place. This article outlines everything you need to understand about oven safe skillets. 


Which Metals are Oven Safe?

Most individuals usually consider the old-school cast iron pan when thinking about an oven safe skillet. Importantly, the stainless steel pan and other metals make a good skillet apart from this pan. Therefore, when shopping for the appropriate skillets, experts advise that you'll need to consider the type of metals. We've got materials that can go or won't go into the oven; thus, the skillet material is vital when looking for the proper one. Below are metals that experts consider oven safe: 

1. Cast Iron

A cast-iron skillet is an essential pinnacle of an ovenproof piece when looking at the skillets. The material is suitable for transferring heat from the stovetop to the oven since it's a fantastic heat conductor on any cooking surface. When using an enameled cast iron, you won't experience rusting, the skillet will hold flavor, and it'll ensure even heating of your meals. In addition, you can even use it as a non-stick pan if you properly maintain it. Nonetheless, it'll be essential to consider the maintenance when choosing these oven safe skillets as they require more maintenance than the other metal counterparts.

2. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cooking equipment is essential for creating an even cooking surface due to its induction cooktop. In addition, this material can also provide the best option for cooking meals at any oven safe temperature. When choosing ideal cookware for your oven, a stainless steel skillet offers the appropriate option as it's incredibly hard; thus, high temperatures won't damage it. In addition, it offers the appropriate option as it lacks the non-stick coating making it fully dishwasher safe. However, before choosing, it'll be vital to understand that it's not a typical non-stick pan; thus, heat conduction may make the food stuck on the skillet.

3. Aluminum

When choosing the metals safe for the oven, aluminum is one of the absolute ovenproof metals. This metal is ovenproof mainly due to its fantastic aluminum core. Despite being a great metal at conducting heat, aluminum isn't the best metal for retaining heat. Thus, aluminum skillets and pans are very safe for your oven, but you'll take more time when cooking than when using skillets from the other metals.


4. Copper

Choosing a true and tried copper will provide the best oven safe skillet due to its best features and results when working under high temperatures. This metal will work magic even at high oven temperature to prepare your meals. However, despite providing the appropriate option for oven safe metals, copper will make your food have a funny taste, such as Heineken beer or blood taste. Therefore, it'll be vital to consider choosing the best copper quality to enjoy these features and a high heat-retaining piece. 



Distinguishing between a Frying Pan and a Skillet

There has been a heated debate on the best equipment between a skillet and frying pan when looking for the appropriate oven safe equipment. Despite the similarities in their forms, i.e., coming from carbon steel, stainless steel, and their use for frying, these kitchen equipment have some key differences. Below is the key difference between the skillet and the frying pan. 

When using the term skillets, most users usually refer to it as a cast iron, while the frying pan becomes more open to interpretation. Thus, the main difference between these two pieces of kitchen equipment lies in their deepness. Most chefs argue that skillets are slightly deeper than frying pans when using these kitchen appliances. In addition, when purchasing frying pans, they come with some stainless steel or glass lid, contrary to the skillets that don't include any lid.  

Top Skillets Recommendations 8-Piece Cookware Set 

Experts advise that when choosing frying pans and skillets, you've got to choose the best option, which conducts heat well and evenly. This option allows you to create a control and even cook, adaptability to fit in your oven. Below is the favorite recommendation of an 8-piece skillet cookware set that'll meet your cooking, braising, and searing needs. 


Imarku 8-Piece Professional Non-stick Cookware Sets 

It's one of the best cookware sets with the best features that make it suitable for a wide range of ovens and stoves. The cook set has various pots and kitchen appliances for different cooking needs. The set comes with a casserole, saute pan, saucepan, 9.5" & 8" fry pan, and three tempered glass lids. You can use these kitchen appliances for your wide range of cooking needs and enhance proper or even heat distribution when cooking. They are the appropriate option you can choose for your oven safe equipment, as they can tolerate oven heat of up to 150 degrees.




● Offers a wide range of cooking option

● Offers non-stick cookware making them durable

● Comfortable and safe cooking experience due to the pot designs and silicone touch handle grips

● The cookware set comes with different oven safe features



● Poor washing techniques, such as washing them before they cool, will destroy them.

● Prone to scratching, which destroys their non-stick function 


Final Thoughts 

Skillets are essential kitchen appliances for your deep-frying, baking, and stir-frying needs as they allow for even heat transmission when cooking. However, when choosing your kitchen skillets, it'll be vital to consider those that come with materials or metals that are oven safe. When considering the metals, aluminum, copper, cast iron, and stainless steel offer the appropriate oven safe skillets. It'll be appropriate to understand these materials and choose the suitable skillet for your frying and cooking needs.

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