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The Best Cleaver Knives under $50 of 2023 - Buyer's Guide

02 Sep 2021 0 Comments

A cleaver knife can be one of the most underrated knives in the world. These gems are almost intimidating to the many people who have met cleaver knives only in Kung Fu movies and cartoons. With their thick, heavy blade, cleavers look like they can chop even the toughest bones – and they do. But this is precisely why every kitchen needs a cleaver.

Every kitchen has that piece of bone too dense to break, tendons and cartilages too tough to cut, even vegetables that are nearly impossible to chop. Dealing with butternut squash and root vegetables such as yams and sweet potatoes can be quite hectic. Investing in a good cleaver knife brings a solution to all these problems and more.

a cleaver knife with steak

How would you then obtain the best one for your kitchen? Imarku offers some of the best cleaver knives in all kitchens at prices below $50. Knives such as imarku Cleaver Knife 7" MultifunctionalMeat Cleaver 7" and Vegetable Cleaver Knife 7" are of the best quality, easy to maintain and attractive, making them the best for your kitchen.

You may wonder why you need the best cleaver knives when all of them do just about the same thing. Well, there are many reasons your kitchen deserves nothing less than the best.


When you invest in a good cleaver, you will handle it better than any other knife you would have invested in instead. Talk of quickly chopping meat and zero struggles in slicing a pineapple, a good cleaver makes work in the kitchen really simple.


The best in the market will let you go a very long way, saving more in the long term than you would have if you had purchased an inexpensive but low-quality cleaver.

Longer operation durations

You may be lucky enough to find a durable cleaver anywhere, but unbalanced features may make using the knife tiresome at some point. You don’t want to take breaks in between chopping meat or vegetables courtesy of a cleaver knife too heavy or one that hurts your hands.

How to Identify a Good Cleaver Knife

Having understood why you need the best cleavers, you also need to know what to look for in the best, which is what you’re going for. The current market has several knives promising to give you the best experience but instead, deliver nightmares. Let’s go through some of the features of a cleaver knife that will give you the experience you need and want.

Blade Material

You’re going to need a cleaver that will be strong enough and still sharp enough to chop, cut, break, and even mince and grind. For that reason, a material that satisfies all these features will be what you should be looking for in your knife. You should also be looking for something that is easy to maintain.

High carbon stainless steel is the optimum blade choice for cleaver knives. It is strong enough to manage all the services you expect a blade knife to operate. In fact, stainless steel is suitable for making nearly every type of knife you need out there.

The material will also guarantee corrosion resistance and also resistance to stains, as well as a razor-sharp blade edge. Obviously, you must still clean and dry it after each usage to prevent possible water corrosion.

Cleavers with high durability are produced from steel that has been hardened to a Rockwell Scale hardness ranging between 54-58. But keep in mind that all knives require good care and maintenance to maintain their sharpness.

a cleaver with some meat

Blade Length

Its length and height can influence a blade's general usefulness and talent. The length comes in handy for cleaving bulky things. Height is crucial for sufficient knuckle space and to keep the cleaver on a straight plane when cutting.

A shorter than required blade may easily get stuck in large objects, making the entire usage inconvenient. If you choose one that is too long, on the other hand, it may get unwieldy and inaccurate. For that reason, you need to choose the perfect length with proper balance and efficiency.

Most versatile and manageable cleavers come with blade lengths of between 7 and 8 inches. The blade lengths can be longer or shorter than that, depending on what a user considers preferable. Make sure that you choose the length that suits you.

Cutting Edge

This is considered differently from the material of the blade because stainless steel is not enough to determine the degree of sharpness, durability and general operability of the cleaver knife. The shape and thickness of the blade are part of the factors that ensure the effectiveness and convenience of the blade.

Opt for a cleaver knife with a "V" edge or a level grind, which provides a long-lasting edge that conveniently helps with chopping. The angle of the edge can vary from 13 degrees, considered thin, to 25 degrees, considered thick. It has a strong hitting force and is quite long-lasting. Keep an eye out for one with a sharp cutting edge, falling between 15-17 degrees. It will provide a deep, clean-cut and long-lasting effect.

Weight of The Cleaver

As you might also guess, a lengthier blade means a heavier knife. A cleaver knife with an 8-inch blade can weigh as much as 2.0 lbs. This large knife can cut through virtually anything, yet it is exhausting to handle. Fatigue might cause you to lose accuracy, which can then cause sloppiness of an entire work.

A clever design with a blade as short as 6-inches and a weight of only 10 ounces might be too light. While such a lightweight one is easier to operate, it can be more tiring. This is due to the greater effort required to cut even through tiny bones. A 1-pound weight cleaver has a considerable force that gives you a clean, single cut with pinpoint accuracy. This range is manageable for the average user, and it isn't overly strenuous.

Handle Variety

When buying a cleaver knife, don't forget to look at its handle. The grip enhances these large knives' efficiency and delight. The majority of the time, it's a question of taste and acquired preference.

Some users love a straight grip, whereas others may prefer one with ergonomic features. We're striving for the perfect fit, much like so many other kitchen utensils.

Cleavers with very long handles may feel cumbersome in your hands. Your grasp will be restricted if the handles are overly thick or short. A handle should also be extremely resilient; a hard material such as wood and plastic may easily detach or break at the rivets. It would help if you chose a handle that is both comfy and non-slip.

The Best Cleaver Knives Offered by imarku

Cleaver Knife 7" Multifunctional

There's no denying that this cleaver knife is of excellent quality. It is lightweight but gives excellent control and feedback and a nice sense of proportion when in operation. A large bone is quickly and easily sliced with this amazing cleaver knife, with no single damage to its blade.

The following are some of the best features of Imarku's Cleaver Knife 7" Multifunctional.

Multipurpose use

Light and efficient cutter of meat, fruit, and vegetables, the multifunction cleaver knife can cut through almost anything. It is especially perfect for cutting, chopping and slicing meat and bone products, vegetables, and onions, among other things. It can also be used as a Chef's knife.

Blade Sharpness and durability

This cleaver has a Rockwell Hardness Scale of 60-62 and a sharp edge providing the best cutting effectiveness and long-lasting effect.

Blade Material

The blade is composed of one of the best qualities of stainless steel sourced from Germany, and is resistant to rust, easy to maintain, retains its edge, and maintains its sharpness for a long time.

Ease of operation and maintenance

The blade of this cleaver cuts cleanly through huge chunks of food and is easy to use. It is also easy to clean and manage once you're done cutting and chopping with it. Water and a soapy cloth are enough to keep it clean. Keep it dry and safe, and do not wash it in a dishwasher to maintain its effectiveness.

Ergonomic Pakka Handle

Its handle is designed with high-grade PAKKA wood, making the product softer and pleasant for human hands and fingers. The handle material also makes it more aesthetically pleasing. 

Nice packaging

The delicate, attractive packaging of the cleaver makes it a suitable gift for friends and family who love cooking.

7 inch Meat Cleaver 

Similar to the Cleaver Knife 7" Multifunctional, imarku's Meat Cleaver 7" is another light, sharp and long-lasting cleaver knife suitable for any kitchen. It is especially recommended for left-handed users.

The Meat Cleaver 7" is appreciated for the several features, some of which are similar to the Cleaver Knife 7" Multifunctional.


Multipurpose use

This knife can be used for a range of cutting, chopping, slicing and cleaving purposes, making it an excellent tool for the daily demands of both home kitchen and restaurant kitchens.

Ideal blade material

A superb material of High Carbon Stainless Steel 7cr17mov imported from Germany, which has a carbon content of between 0.65 percent and 0.75 percent, was used in the forging process of this knife's blade. It also has the perfect hardness degree in the Rockwell Hardness Scale of 54-58. These qualities make the cleaver knife one of the sharpest, most durable in the market. They also have the strength to cut through almost anything with little effort.

The best cutting edge

Experienced craftsmen carefully polish the blade edge to a 17 angle on either side. This Chinese chopping knife has 2.5mm, making it extremely thin and incredibly sharp for daily culinary tasks. The chef's fingers are kept away from the cutting area thanks to the wide blade style.

Ergonomic Pakka Handle

This Imarku cleaver knife has a wooden handle designed from pakkawood, a material resistant to rust and corrosion and more resilient and convenient. The ergonomic grip design is also stable and comfortable to hold, durable and requires less effort to use.

Lightweight and balance

The knife has a relative lightness that enables its user to operate it conveniently for a long time and has minimal risk of accidents.

7 inch Vegetable Cleaver Knife

This knife has the perfect blend of hardness and toughness and still has the perfect balance everyone is looking for in a good cleaver. You will appreciate this knife's special sharpness and convenience, with special features that are considered rare in other cleaver knives.

Besides its ideal 5cr15mov high carbon steel, perfect balance and excellent cutting features, the Vegetable Cleaver Knife 7" has been designed with extra features that make it stand out among nearly all cleaver knives. The following are some of the additional qualities that make this knife the exact meaning of the best.

Its blade has a pointed tip

It readily and effortlessly cuts through meat and other food products. You may also wield the knife with its pointed top to carve very lovely patterns into your food.

Its blade has a curved shape

Cutting is made easier by the moderately curved blade. While cutting with it, the section farthest from the handle frequently touches the food first. Cutting resistance can be reduced by using its design with a little arc. It allows you to make attractive-looking food that will leave your guests, family and friends impressed.

It has an ergonomic handle

Its handle is composed of efficient Pakkawood, which both look like a log and are more resilient than the normal wood. It eases wielding of the knife and makes it more balanced.

Taking Care of a Cleaver Knife

Of course, as we have established, even the most durable of knives require proper maintenance to go a long way. You, therefore, need to remember always to maintain your knives clean, dry and safe, and keep them away from the dishwasher.

The importance of sharpening any knife cannot be overstated. It will not only improve the performance of your knife on your meal, but it will also make using the knives easier and safer. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for use, storage, and sharpening.

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