GIFTS on Order $199

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gifts on orders of $199+

As long as your order amount is $199 or above. 

You can come to us to get a free gifts in this GIFT collection in following 6 months.

So totally you will get 6 gifts items, value is more than $199!!

(ie. each month you can get a free gift from this collection for 6 months if one of your order on $199).

This GIFT collection will update monthly. You can come to us every month to check which gift item you required. Contact our email And provide your order number to us.(Which order number is on $199). And mentioned the gift item you required. We will send you as your required within 48 business hours. 

Example: You ordered our cookware set which is $399.99 in May 2022. Then you can come to ask for gifts from June ~ December 2022.