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Best Utility Knife of 2023

28 Jul 2022 0 Comments

When equipping your kitchen, cutleries and knives are important equipment you need in your home. They are vital for various kitchen needs, such as cutting different foods and ingredients while preparing your meals.

We’ve got different knives in the kitchen for different cutting and chopping needs, but the utility knife offers the best alternative for general manual use. Ahead, learn what the utility knife can be used for and what you should look for when shopping for it. Then, we provide a comprehensive on the best utility kitchen knife - 5.5" AUS10 Hammered Japanese Utility Knife. 

Cut or trim steak with a utility knife

What Would You Use a Good Utility Knife for?

After getting past the early stages of cooking, you easily realize the common mistakes you’ve made in the kitchen while choosing or using your knives. Therefore, after realizing these mistakes, you’ll need to get a suitable utility knife for your kitchen duties. Let’s take a look at what the kitchen knife can do for us. 

Provides the best workhorse alternative

When you have your different kitchen activities, you’ll realize that you need a workhorse for your different cutting needs. It’ll be good to use different knives for your different kitchen purposes, such as boning knives, slicers, and other highly specialized knives. Besides these specialized knives, you also need a proper utility knife for all cutting or chopping needs.

Provides versatility

Most utility knives come with a versatile blade, which is important for different culinary challenges such as sectioning, coring, peeling, trimming and slicing. This blade feature makes it an important piece for your different cutting needs, where you can use it instead of a paring knife or chef knife. It makes you have the best cooking experience and makes your cutting & chopping more convenient.

utility knife with premium rosewood handle

4 Features of a Suitable Utility Knife

Despite the numerous advantages that come with the utility knife, it’s still neccessary to consider the following vital features when choosing the best utility knife.


When choosing your utility knife, comfort is one of the extremely vital factors you’ll need to consider. Check at the knife’s handle and ensure that they’ve got the best ergonomic features to enhance comfort while you’re using them.

Having the best ergonomically-designed knife will help you use the blades for long and when having tough cutting jobs. Avoiding knives with uncomfortable handles will be essential for enhancing safety and reducing the possibility of fatigue or accident.


A standard utility blade is essential when choosing the knife to suit your kitchen cutting needs. Importantly, when choosing your knife, it'll be good to avoid choosing a replaceable blade as your knife will be aiming to achieve different kitchen needs. In addition, a dull knife won’t also provide the best option for your needs.

Therefore, when choosing, ensure that you get the best blade, preferably a cutter, as the tool will be helpful to accomplish numerous cutting needs. Whether you’re going for a ceramic or stainless steel blade, the sharpness level of your blade becomes a major determining factor.


Before purchasing your knife, it’ll be imperative to have a budget range you’re working with to ensure you get a tool within your price range. Importantly, when considering the price of your blades, ensure that their value matches the price.

Preferably, go for a high-quality knife to get the best functionality and durability features. Despite their huge price tag, you’ll enjoy the advantages that come with using these knives due to the high-quality materials.


When looking for a suitable utility knife, it’ll be good to understand that the average size of these cutlery is between 5’’ and 6.5’’. Therefore, it’ll be good to choose depending on your kitchen needs when looking for a proper knife.

Importantly, avoid knives with larger blades, as they may become big for most of your kitchen tasks. The appropriate size will offer you convenience and a fascinating experience when using them for your different kitchen needs.

 5.5 inch AUS10 Hammered Utility Knife

The Best Utility Knife AUS10 Hammered Utility Knife 5.5"

It’s one of the finest utility knives from iMarku, with the best features for your different kitchen needs. AUS10 Hammered utility knife comes with a 5.5-inch edge, essential for different kitchen needs.

With a hard and durable blade, it's a perfect tool for all your kitchen jobs between chef's knives and paring knives. You can use it in your kitchen for different food preparation activities, such as trimming broccoli or green grams and cutting your different cooking ingredients.


● It offers a blade for a wide variety of uses.

● It comes with the best material; denser, harder and stronger than most knives.

● Offers durability features

● It has an ergonomic handle; you can comfortably use it for tough and long-cutting jobs.


● Blades can break or chip when cut or hit on frozen foods

utility knife with its case

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I differentiate between a utility knife and a paring knife?

When choosing these knives, most users find it hard to differentiate between the different types of knives, especially the paring and the utility knife. However, the main difference is that a utility knife has a larger blade and is suitable for a wide range of kitchen uses.

In contrast, a paring knife has a small blade that you can mainly use for peeling vegetables and fruits, de-veining shellfish, or removing seeds from fruits.

What is the best size for a utility knife?

When choosing your utility knife, size is an important feature you need to consider. These knives come in different sizes; nevertheless, the best size range should be between 5 and 6.5 inches. 

Any smaller and you can pick in the paring knives selection; any larger and you're looking at a chef's knife.

What types of utility knives are available out there?

We’ve got numerous prices for different purposes, majorly cutting foods when looking at utility knives. In addition, these knife types aren’t limited as you can get some additional pieces for different cutting needs like pocket utility knives, fixed blades, Stanley, retractable and other utility knives.

What are the main advantages of using utility knives?

A utility knife is an essential component of each kitchen for different cutting needs when preparing foods and ingredients. They have a wide blade that enables them to perform different tasks in your kitchen. In addition, they come with high-quality material that makes them durable and offers the best functionality features.

Final thoughts

When designing and equipping your kitchen, a utility knife is important kitchen cutlery you need to consider incorporating in your kitchen. These knives are essential for helping to achieve your different cutting needs when preparing foods. However, to get the best utility knife, it’ll be good to consider the size, blade, comfort and cost when choosing.

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