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Why Do Chef Knives Have Dimples

09 Nov 2021 0 Comments

Anyone who has explored the different types of chef knives is perhaps familiar with their dimpled edges. The dimple is most prominent by the blade's face, and it is commonly known as the Granton Edge. 

Granton Edge knives are popular among newbie and experienced chefs for their increased feasibility and simple functions. The tool is extremely convenient around the kitchen, and you can use it to whip up various meals. What's more, thanks to their supremely sharp edges, these knives ensure that your kitchen prep is much simpler, quicker, and efficient. 

As you read the following sections of this article, you will learn the many advantages of using a chef knife with dimples. Additionally, you will also learn how these devices fare against non-dimpled knives.



What is the purpose of dimples on a knife?

At the outset, many assume that the dimples serve to add to the knife's impeccable design. But aesthetics aren't the only reason why the blades come dimpled. At its very essence, the dimples allow consistent airflow from your knife blade's main body. This is especially useful when using the knife to slice an object because it prevents the said object from sticking to your knife. 

What's more, your slices are better, more defined, and smooth. The ribbed and dimpled area also allows you to pull the knife out easily. That is why it is better and deemed more useful than knives with straight edges. 


Why do chefs' knives have dimples?

Chefs' knives feature dimples for various reasons. First, as you already know, the dimpled edge prevents random objects from sticking to the knife's blade. This way, you can cut through any object almost effortlessly. 

Another reason you would want these knives are for their excellent maneuverability. If you have ever attempted to exert pressure when trying to slice or chop a dense object, you were probably left with one section of the knife blade dug deep into the object in hand. Because you exerted pressure, the knife ends up breaking the lower part of the object. The result? Your slices aren't defined, and your cuts aren't smooth. 

Remember, if you try to exert excessive force, it will cause the knife to sink deep into the object you are slicing. Over time, it will end up damaging the object. Since you're looking to avoid this, getting a dimpled knife is an excellent option. 

Dimple knives feature an excellent variation near the blades, ensuring that your grilled meats are soft, easy to chew, and oozing with juice. The knife grantons tap in the meat juice that further supports your goal o creating smooth slices. So, if you want your food to have a smoother feel and finish, you might want to invest in these excellent knives.

In a chef knife, the dimples improve its maneuverability and function, making way for flexible and easy movements. So, if you're a seasoned chef or at least plan to become one, getting these knives would be an excellent investment. 



Dimples Vs. No Dimples

At this point, you're probably wondering how dimpled chef knives fare against their contemporaries that do not feature such similar dimples. In this section, we will dig deeper and learn about it in greater detail. 

When it comes to the functionality of dimpled knives, their main task is to cut through large chunks of meat or big vegetables. When you slice these deep and juicy items with a smooth knife, the knife will easily dig into the flesh of the object, making it difficult for you to get the perfect slice. Simple and smooth knives are also quite difficult to remove from the object's body. When you use a dimpled knife with defined ridges, you can easily avoid this problem and enjoy a better and smoother slice.

So, the idea is simple: if you need a knife to cut lean meats and smaller vegetables, smooth knives are an excellent option. If, however, you are looking to cut through thick chunks of meat, you would want a knife with dimples. 

Other alternatives would bevel knives that come with a smooth body but a moderately indented blade. You can supplement it with your chefs' knife for smooth and slick cuts. Because these knives come with an extremely thin blade, your resultant cuts will be thin and smooth. 



What to look for when buying a chef's knife with dimples

Purchasing a chef's knife for the first time is no easy feat! With so many different options out there, how do you even figure out which knife best meets your requirements? In this section, we will attempt to find that out and more. So, if you plan to get a chef knife with dimples any time soon, here are the factors you should consider. 


Check the size

This is one of the first considerations you need to make. Please review the size of the knife you're planning to get and make sure it's not too bulky. Bulkier knives are more difficult to handle, which is why it is best to get a device that has a well-balanced weight. 


Watch the weight

As with the size, look for a chef knife with moderate weight. This will make way for greater maneuverability, enabling you to slice meats and vegetables more efficiently. 


Review the grip 

You don't want a knife that's difficult to hold. That is why you should always review your knife's grip and try to settle with something that gives you a good grip. Make sure the grip is ergonomic and doesn't slip away. 


Check the ridges

Dimpled knives come with multiple ridges. However, unless these ridges are defined, the knife wouldn't serve its desired function. That is why it is best to analyze the ridges of the knife and always ensure that they are well defined. 


Bottom Line

Now that you know the factors that need to be considered when getting a chef knife, wait no further, and choose the right knife immediately! These knives are quick, efficient, and incredibly functional. So, regardless of the meal you're planning to whip up, these excellent knives will certainly live up to your expectations. 

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