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How To Season A Stainless Steel Pan

29 Jul 2022 0 Comments

It is great that you are interested in getting some new stainless steel cookware. You want something different other than your iron skillet for your various cooking needs. Stainless steel cookware surely has a terrific style and provides much culinary delight.

It is highly versatile for your diversified cooking needs. Naturally, you desire to understand how to season a stainless steel pan properly. That is why you will be pleased that we will provide the exact kind of information you require.


Frying food with a stainless steel pan


Do you need to season the stainless steel pans?

Perhaps you have been wondering if you should put forth the effort to season your stainless steel pans. The reality is that though pans made of carbon steel and cast iron must be seasoned at all times, you don't need to proceed to season your stainless steel pans. But there are many home cooks and many professional chefs who like to season their stainless steel pans.

The reason that many home cooks, as well as many professional chefs, are in the habit of taking the time to season their new stainless steel fry pans is due to the fact of the oil helps to provide sealing for the pores of the steel, which then creates a type of nonstick condition for the surface of the stainless steel pans.

This allows you to enjoy cooking with your stainless steel pans without any hassles. Also, this makes the process of cleaning the pans much simpler and less time-consuming. This is indeed ideal for busy people who do not want to spend a long time cleaning their pans.

Some people tend to debate over the issue of whether there are any true benefits of performing the seasoning of stainless steel pans. But there are not any bad side effects of applying the process of seasoning stainless steel pans.

Thus, if you would prefer to have a slippery surface for your stainless steel pans for an enhanced nonstick cooking experience, then you can have success when you decide to season your stainless steel pans.


 Season the stainless steel pan before frying an egg


How to season a new stainless steel frying pan?

Perhaps the idea of knowing how to season a stainless steel pan may tend to seem somewhat challenging. However, the process is easy if you take the time to carefully apply the steps that we mention here for your convenience. Then you can have real peace of mind knowing that your stainless steel pan is seasoned appropriately for the best cooking experience every time you use your stainless steel pan.


1. Wash your stainless steel pan, and be sure to dry it well.

When washing a stainless steel pan, you should apply dish soap that is gentle, along with some warm water as well. Be sure to wash the pan in a thorough manner. Then rinse the stainless steel pan well so that there is no residue of dish soap on any part of the stainless steel pan. Be sure to dry it carefully so that no areas of the stainless steel pan remain wet.


2. Place some oil in the stainless steel pan.

When the stainless steel pan has been dried well, place it on the top of your stove to heat it. Once it is hot, add some oil. It is wise to apply oil that possesses a smoking point that is noted as being at a high level. Thus, some good types of oil that you can select for the process of seasoning your stainless steel pan could be peanut oil, vegetable oil, soybean oil or sesame oil.

When you have placed the oil in the pan over a medium temperature of heat, apply the usage of a wadded piece of paper towel or a wadded rag to spread the oil evenly across the surface of the stainless steel pan.


3. Allow the stainless steel pan to cool completely.

When you realize that the stainless steel pan is hot and is beginning to smoke on top of your some, it is at this point that it is necessary to take it off the top of your stove and to allow the stainless steel pan to cool completely. Once the stainless steel pan has achieved a cool condition, then you can safely proceed to apply a piece of paper towel or rag for the sake of removing any excess oil from the stainless steel pan.


4. Do the seasoning again as required.

It is imperative to realize that seasoning your stainless steel pan is not only a one-time process. Therefore, if you notice that your food eventually starts to stick to the surface of your stainless steel pan during the cooking process, you will know that it is time to perform the seasoning of the stainless steel pan again. To be successful in seasoning your stainless steel pan, simply follow the three steps that we mentioned previously for ultimately great results.


iMarku kitchen frying pan vs other brand pan


How to keep stainless steel pans from sticking?

When you apply the process of seasoning for your stainless steel pans, you will be pleased that this should result in them achieving a nonstick coating that will most definitely make cooking enjoyable and free of hassles. When the stainless steel pans are seasoned, you can apply the usage of a towel to wipe the stainless steel pans once you have finished cooking your food.

This means that you do not have to wash your stainless steel pans with dish soap and water after every time you use them when you wipe them with a clean towel. If you notice that there is some food sticking to the surface of your stainless steel pan, you can use some oil and salt to loosen the food away from the surface of the stainless steel pan. Also, when there is some stubborn buildup, baking soda works rather well to aid with the removal of the unwanted buildup.

Do note that you should never engage in using steel wool when you need to scrub your stainless steel pans. This is because steel wool can cause damage to the surface of your stainless steel pans. When it is necessary for you to apply some dish soap to clean your stainless steel pan, you should then repeat the process of seasoning your stainless steel pan to reinforce the nonstick condition of your stainless steel pan.


Perfectly fry an egg in a stainless steel pan


What is the best oil to season in a stainless steel pan? 

When you need to use oil to season your stainless steel pans, it is wise to apply the usage of oil that is classified as having a smoke point with a high heat level. Thus, it is realized that you will have great results in seasoning your pans if you apply the usage of vegetable oil, peanut oil or even grapeseed oil. You should refrain from using any oils that tend to smoke rapidly when they are in contact with high temperatures, such as olive oil, canola oil, and coconut oil.


Highly Recommended Stainless Steel Cookware

1. 12" Stainless clad frying pan

The 12" stainless clad frying pan is truly gorgeous stainless steel cookware that is considered to be perfect to use when you want to sear meat, fry vegetables, make scrambled eggs and more. You will appreciate the fact that this frying pan heats your food evenly. All food will always be cooked perfectly throughout, just like you want it to be. 

Food does not stick easily to this frying pan to make cleaning simple for you at all times. This stainless clad frying pan is absolutely amazing and is made with true finesse and ultra quality. This frying pan has a nice pleasant style and is designed with a handle that offers much comfort during usage.


2. 12" Hammered stainless clad frying pan

The 12" hammered stainless clad frying pan is the right solution when you need to fry something large, such as a big juicy steak or a succulent catfish. Or this highly reliable frying pan can be used to fry tasty small diced potatoes, plump mushrooms, sweet peppers, and so much more. This frying pan is truly versatile, which is why it is the cookware that you will turn to often for your various cooking situations.

This frying pan is solid and durable, which means that it is indeed created to handle much usage over high heat. It makes food cooking rather easy because it is flat on the bottom and the sides are flared. You will enjoy using this frying pan to create magnificent meals for your family and friends.

iMarku also provides high quality cookware set series like stainless steel nonstick cookware set, Dutch oven, and frying pans to meet all your needs of different cooking methods you will look like-- and feel like-- a professional chef. 

If you are new to stainless steel cookware, you may have no idea about how to season the new pan at first. Actually, don’t worry about it. What you need to do is to choose the right oil and follow the step-by-step guide as above. It’s a bit time-consuming, but it deserves the extra effort.

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