A superb knife should have a long-lasting sharp blade that is not easy to be rusted. Imarku explores the ultimate steel from aerospace science and technology and selects the top smelting and forging technology from the United States. In the meantime, imarku utilizes the unique high-tech carbon steel combined with the special stainless steel from Japan and super core steel from Germany. Each knife has extremely high hardness properties, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, just like super alloy. Compared with knives commonly found in the market, imarku knives are more reliable in sharpness and durability.

Our Factory

Let's check out for imarku factory from video of "Imarku factory video" & Article of "Where imarku knives made?".

Owning factory allows us to serve up the best quality goods to our customers — so you can cook with confidence for decades to come. 

Our Mission

No matter where people enjoy food, whether they are preparing, sharing or eating it, we offer the perfect products and experiences. More sustainable, more sharp and beautiful .

Our Sustainable

Sustainability matters because we all care about the life future. We strongly believe that today’s decisions and actions are more important than ever to improve and enhance the livelihood and needs of future generations. As a kindly people owned company with a strong heritage.  We are committed to making a difference by contributing to the better knife and better life.

Our Story

A Letter from Owner Of Imarku

Better Cooking, Better Living!

Wow! 13 YEARS??? Happy anniversary month to ME!! I’m Sitting here and still trying to grasp the fact that it’s been 13 years strong and only getting better.

13 years ago, what initially started is like a joke. My friend Bolton told me about his frustrating experience to look for a good chef knife. I also found there is not one doing an affordable price there. Then I have an idea to be a business owner.

Like Phil Knight, I went to Japan for learning the making process, art and culture. Yes, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Yes, I wasn’t a professional when I started. Yes, I didn’t have the support from every Avenue I thought I would. But what I did have was a dream. I hope I can do a chef knife brand with a honest price and top north quality. Everyone deserves a better cooking tool.

I wrote down a 5 year plan and I stuck to my goals unapologetically. Late nights & early mornings, i am increasing my knowledge and perfecting my skill. The sweat and tears behind the glam of my business that you all don’t see, but get to experience. Sometimes taking 2 steps back to go 10 steps forward. I did experience a pretty hard time that I felt I may give up there. But thanks to my girl, imarku, she supported me through this process. That's why I name our brand imarku.

From a single Chef’s Knife to a full range of amazing knives, cookware and prep tools. Today we're only glowing, growing and thriving. We're making the best and still slaying these chef knives. I’ve got greater plans and bigger dreams. Here’s a reminder that God is good and to never give up because great things take time.

“The game will test you, never fold! Stay ten toes down, it’s not on you it’s in you and what’s in you they can never take away.”

Imarku Owner,

Mark Liu

Press Release

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