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Best Kiritsuke Knives

04 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Although Kiritsuke knives are not yet common across all Western kitchens and restaurants, these Japanese knives are not taken lightly. As more and more cuisines from other cultures become a worldwide shared experience, people tend to copy one another's greatest prepping techniques.

We all know how delicious Japanese cuisine can be. Our go-to Sushi and Ramen joint is fantastic. Many have invited people to cook and eat sashimi and sushi with us. We've already learned about the dishes; now it's time to learn about the real tools used to properly make this cuisine. It's time to think about which knives will help us expand our knife sets and mealtimes the most.

Japanese blades are recognized for their razor-sharp edges and beautiful craftsmanship. It's no different with the Kiritsuke knife. Whether you're a home cook exploring Japanese cuisine, a professional chef, or a budding chef seeking a distinctive chef's knife, now is the time to learn more about Kiritsuke knives. It's now time to consider adding this knife to the collection of your knives.

This article will discuss the Kiritsuke knife and the best Kiritsuke knives available.

What Is a Kiritsuke Knife?

Kiritsuke blades are traditional Japanese kitchen knives that take their name from Kiru, which implies slicing, and Tsuke, which implies protruding. The knife is comparable to a Yanagida (sashimi knife) in design, with the edge curve's main distinction.

The blade of a Yanagida is meant to cut vertically down like an ax, whereas the Kiritsuke knife has a far more curved edge that allows it to slide through materials easily.

The blade can indeed range in length between 10 and 20 cm (4 to 8 inches), with around half of the length visible when the knife is gripped. The handle is typically composed of plastic or wood with a synthetic coating to guarantee a firm grip.

Among the few multi-purpose Japanese knives on the marketplace is the Kiritsuke. This Japanese blade will be utilized as an Usuba -vegetable knife- or an Anagi- fish slicer. These single-bevel sword-like knives were traditionally a prestige famous with professional chefs.

However, some double-bevel models of the Kiritsuke knife have recently appeared on the market. These are commonly referred to as Kiritsuke Gyutos, and they have the same visual appeal as traditional Kiritsuke, although with the additional adaptability of the edge, which is double-beveled.

Damascus steel or high carbon are frequently used in Kiritsuke knives. They have razor-sharp blades that need to be sharpened regularly. They're statement knives, with a straight blade and sword-like tip that makes them easily recognized. Learn more about japanese knife types

What Is a Kiritsuke Knife Used for?

The Kiritsuke knife can be used for a variety of tasks. The knife has traditionally been used to prepare Japanese cuisine. It is, however, a multifunctional knife that can perform all of the functions of western knives. Its straight, long, and razor-sharp blade make it perfect for:

• chopping up vegetables.

• slicing fresh fish while cooking sashimi and sushi.

• Raw meat slicing.

• Chopping herbs.

The Kiritsuke blade is a hybrid of the Yanagida and the Usuba blades. The Kiritsuke, just like Usuba, has a thin steel metal blade that excels in slicing vegetables into some very thinly sliced pieces. The Kiritsuke, just like Yanagida, is a precision device used to prepare food that demands precision, such as slicing tiny slices of fresh fish and other boneless protein.

The Kiritsuke has a razor-sharp edge on its blade that must be handled with care. As a result, the Kiritsuke is frequently referred to as a professional chef's knife, largely utilized in restaurant kitchens.

Even yet, with a little practice and guidance, any chef can enjoy the numerous rewards of a high-quality Japanese knife. With a little experience, the Kiritsuke knife should feel as natural in your palm as your favorite western style kitchen knife.

You'll need to learn how to use a Kiritsuke knife if you've decided to add one to your culinary arsenal.

How to Use a Kiritsuke Knife?

Due to the obvious sharpness of the blades, exercise caution and follow all standard safety precautions while using a chef's knife.

Follow these steps to use the knife:

• Pinch grip the knife. Many people believe that the pinch grip is ideal for using a Kiritsuke knife. The pinch grip is a method of knife handling in which you grasp the handle in one hand and place your thumb together with the index finger on the bolster or the base. Your slicing will be more controlled with this grip.

• To make consistent thin slices of whatever you're cutting, utilize the sword-like point on the end to go downwards on the Dalstrong chopping board.

• Move up and down. This is the best motion to use while cutting vegetables.

• Rocks less than in other knives: Rather than rocking, drag the blade upward toward yourself and afterward push it downwards away from oneself.


These ideas, of course, are dependent on your particular comfort level and the precise tasks you ought to complete with the Kiritsuke knife. It will also depend on whether the knife has a single bevel or a double one and a variety of other considerations.

It is said that practice makes perfect. So pull out that Kiritsuke knife from your blade roll, don your elegant Dalstrong apron, then start slicing, cutting, and chopping. You will eventually find your self-confidence. You'll be chopping like a master chef without you realizing it.

Remember to maintain your cutting edge as sharp as possible. If the knife becomes dull, sharpen it as soon as possible.

Always choose high-quality, long-lasting knives from recognized knifemakers.

Here are our recommendations for the three best Kiritsuke knives.

Our 3 Kiritsuke Knife Recommendations

Kiritsuke Chef Knife 7.5"

This exceptional knife is among the most adaptable and indispensable knives a professional chef can own. It won't chip or dull, and it's made up of numerous layers of craftsmanship, each showcasing Imarku's experience. The knife's professional face value and feel are enhanced by the hammering processes and the oxidation blackening, which give it anti-stick property.


Below are other features of this exceptional knife:

Multifunctional knife: The Imarku Kiritsuke blade is a true multifunctional knife crafted with German stainless high carbon steel and skillfully polished. You can use it for everyday kitchen chopping, mincing, dicing, and slicing all types of meat, fruit, vegetables, and bread. It is suitable for both restaurant and home kitchens.

Perfect geometric design and style: The angular styling of the knife distinguishes this knife and allows more freely cutting; the curved handle of dark-colored wood adjusts to your fingers and decreases the pressure, and the gentle woodgrain hold and the angled tip of the blade make the procedure more authentic and balanced.

Super sharp blade: The distance from the hammer sequence to the blade is 2.30cm, and the knife's blade is made of so-called fine steel. This knife continues to enhance the density of this knife through multiple refinements. It still retains this high precision and sharpness when trying to cut tough bones rendering the cutting operation easy.

Satisfaction guaranteed: Each knife comes inside a gorgeous gift box packing. Imarku is committed to offering quality goods and great after-sales support. There is usually a specialized after-sales support team to manage the products once they are sold.

AUS10 Hammered Kiritsuke Knife 8"

It is a professional chef's knife with a much straighter edge and provides the highest cutting precision and adaptability. It's ideal for slicing and pushing cuts with its 8" blade. It's quick and easy to make Julienne, brunoise, or dice vegetables, and it is also great for scrubbing as well as portioning fish. The edge cuts cooked proteins beautifully, so you'll find yourself stretching out to chop food onto dishes more frequently than not!

VG10 Damascus Kiritsuke Knife 6"

This 6" Kiritsuke knife from Imarku, often dubbed master chef's knife, has excellent cutting precision and adaptability. The sharpness of its edges has been kept over time using the sharpening procedure, which is carried out manually one by one because of their delicate nature! It can slice through any protein or vegetable with ease!

When cutting cooked meats, the curved edge gives an additional rocking motion. So all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your dinner while seeing those bits fall off the plate into exact amounts, ready to be presented on a dish beneath them.

Care and Use

• Avoid cutting, hitting, or chopping frozen items or bones. The blade has the potential to chip or shatter.

• Hand wash in lukewarm water and dry with a towel.

• Sharpen the blade with a sharpening stone to keep it sharp.

• Do not clean the knife in the dishwasher.

We've talked about Kiritsukes knives in-depth above and how they can make life better for food lovers by giving them greater control while slicing up raw or prepared meals like salad veggies. We have also seen the best types that give many benefits that many people who use other types have never experienced. Hope you can get your best Kiritsuke knife today!

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