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Knife Sets

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14-teiliges Messerblock-Set | Spülmaschinenfest | imark
2 Colors · German Stainless Steel
£121.00 £185.00
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11-Piece Knife Set with Block and Cutting Board | imarku
11-teiliges Messerset mit Block und Schneidebrett | imark
Natural Wood · Cutting Board
£129.00 £209.00
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The Knife Set with Block - IMARKU
Das Messerset mit Block
2 Colors · Rust-resistant
£121.00 £209.00
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16-Piece Knife Block Set
Light · Dishwasher Safe
£81.00 £217.00
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The Knife Set with Block - IMARKU
Das Messerset mit Block
Black · Removable Block
£177.00 £217.00
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The Knife Block Set - IMARKU
20-teiliges Kolossal-Messerset mit abnehmbarem Block | imark
Brown · 2 Removable Blocks
£265.00 £321.00
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16-teiliges Messerblock-Set | Gehämmertes Design | imark
Rose Red · Hammered Design
£217.00 £257.00
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6-Piece Chef Knife Set - IMARKU
6-teiliges Kochmesser-Set mit Holzblock | Vestware
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5-teiliges Messerset | imark
5-Piece · Brown
£129.00 £156.00
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The Chef Knife Set - IMARKU
2-teiliges Starter-Kochmesser-Set | imark
2-Piece · Brown
£65.00 £81.00
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6-Piece Professional Chef Knife Set with Sharpener - iMarku ® - iMarku ®
6-teiliges Kochmesser-Set | imark
£169.00 £212.00
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4-teiliges Profi-Messerset | imark
4-Piece · Brown
£129.00 £145.00
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4-teiliges Starter-Kochmesser-Set | imark
4-Piece · Brown
£121.00 £137.00
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TheParingKnifeSet imarku
3-teiliges Schälmesser-Set | Starter-Set | imark
3-Piece · Brown
£81.00 £92.00
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14-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set
New · Dishwasher Safe
£161.00 £217.00
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Do I really need the kitchen knife set?

Investing in a quality kitchen knife set is essential for any serious cook. A set provides a range of knives tailored to various tasks, ensuring you have the right tool for every kitchen job.

Additionally, opting for a kitchen knife set rather than purchasing individual knives often offers better value. It provides a cohesive collection at a more cost-effective price point.

How to choose the best chef knife set?

When selecting the best chef knife set, consider the types of knives included and the materials used for the blades and handles.

Common blade materials like high-carbon stainless steel and Damascus steel offer unique benefits in sharpness and durability. Handles vary from traditional wood to modern materials like polypropylene, offering different levels of comfort and grip.

In everyday use, chef knives, paring knives, utility knives, and bread knives are common in sets, catering to a wide range of culinary tasks.

What's the best material for a kitchen knife set?

The material of a kitchen knife set significantly affects its performance and longevity. High-quality materials like carbon steel or Damascus steel are renowned for sharpness and durability, while stainless steel is favored for low maintenance and corrosion resistance.

How much does a kitchen knife set cost?

The price of a kitchen knife set varies based on factors like brand, materials, and number of pieces. Quality sets range from affordable options around $50 to high-end sets exceeding $300, offering various features and benefits.

How to clean and maintain the kitchen knife set with block?

Proper maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of your kitchen knife set. Regularly sharpening your knives, hand-washing with mild soap, and storing in a designated block can preserve sharpness and quality. Additionally, explore our dishwasher-safe options for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

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