3 Easy Ways to Reheat Frozen Pizza

Pizza is a fantastic delicacy enjoyed by many due to its aroma of freshly baked ingredients, such as the hearty tomato sauce and the stretchy melting cheese. When pizza is frozen, it may not appeal to you the same way as when it is fresh; therefore, you have to heat it with several effective methods.

Keep in mind that there are several safety precautions you need to follow, and if you use the right approach, you will heat the frozen pizza correctly.

Frozen pizza is fast to prepare since it only needs to reheat it using an oven, microwave, pan, and stove. Frozen pizza is quickly done using an oven, but it will take time. It is also effective in microwaves and the use of pans. Read on to learn how to reheat frozen pizza.

3 Easy Ways to Reheat a Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizza can create an effortless, mouthwatering, and reasonably priced meal, especially if you have insufficient time to prepare a meal. Frozen pizza can be preheated and retain its sweetness as long as the reheating procedure is followed keenly. The following are the ways how to reheat frozen pizza:

Reheat frozen pizza by oven

Reheating Pizza in Oven

What is the best way to reheat frozen pizza? Reheating frozen pizza in oven! The oven will make the pizza have its original crispy crust, melting cheese, and sizzling toppings, which will taste practically identical to how it did some nights before. The only drawback of using an oven to preheat frozen pizza is that it is time-consuming compared to a burner or microwave.

To achieve effective reheating, set the oven to around 350 degrees, and for equal cooking on the top and the bottom of the pizza, you can wrap it using foil and then place it on the oven's rack.

How Long to Reheat Pizza in Oven?

The standard time for preheating is 10 minutes or checking if the cheese has melted. Longer baking will make the pizza hard and crispier, and if you are using a toaster oven, it is advisable to preheat each pizza slice at a time for at least 4 minutes.

When it comes to using a traditional oven that uses firewood provides a typical way to reheat frozen pizza.

To start, place the frozen pizza in the center of the oven's floor and heat it to 160 degrees. Once you’ve reheated it at your desired level, take an aluminum foil and fully cover the pizza. The time required to reheat a frozen pizza in a traditional oven is at least 3 minutes.

reheat frozen pizza by microwave

Reheating Pizza in A Microwave

Pizza can be challenging to reheat in the microwave, despite its speed, so you must be extra careful while reheating using a microwave. The characteristics of reheating a frozen pizza in a microwave set incorrectly are that the pizza may become soggy and less crispy.

An ideal way to ensure that the pizza is not soggy and retains its taste is by placing the pizza and a glass of water that you can heat in a microwave next to each other.

The heating will only take about 45 seconds, and the pizza should have the same appearance and flavor as the pizza delivery guy gave you last night or the night before. One uses water in the microwave because water cuts down on the energy flowing to the pizza.

This is due to the increased mass water adds to the microwave, which causes a delay in the pizza cooking process. This method might be slow because you are required to place only 1 slice of pizza for reheating.

reheat frozen pizza by pan

Reheating Pizza in A Pan

Reheating a frozen pizza using a pan is convenient and ensures the pizza maintains its quality taste and has no sogginess. To get a tasteful pizza, set the burner to medium heat to prepare the pan for a delicious pizza. The pan shouldn’t be too hot because that will cause the pizza to scorch at the bottom and lose its crispness.

Then, place the pizza on the pan after it is warm enough, and after you have put it on the stove, it could take at least 3 minutes for the pan to become warm, depending on the material and thickness of the pan.

Each pan is unique; some may absorb and shed heat more quickly than others. Lower the stove's heat to monitor whether the pizza has achieved the crunchy nature you want. Make sure the water does not come into contact with the pizza slices as you place 3 droplets of water in the pan.

The corners of the pan are the most significant places to pour the water. Cover the pan with aluminum foil or a lid to restore the top layers' softness while preserving the soft, flexible cheese. Depending on the type of stove, you will need to wait for 1 to 3 minutes. Now that the frozen pizza is hot and tasty, you can eat it.

The Best Pan to Use When Reheating Frozen Pizza

Imarku 3-Piece Non-stick Pans

The 3-piece set of Imarku professional non-stick kitchen pans is the ideal pan to use when reheating frozen pizza. They are sturdy and available for a wide range of stoves since they can handle different ranges of heat. With this set of pans, You will never have to worry about replacing them for a very long period since they are durable and built to last.

The Pros of the Pans

  • The pans set has ergonomic touch handles that are heat resistant, ensuring safety and comfortable reheating of frozen pizza, among other foods.
  • The cast iron pan set can also help reduce fat intake, conforming to modern people's tendency to pursue low-fat and low-calorie consumption. 
  • The pans provide even heating due to the balanced distribution of the elements used to coat and design the pans.
  • The pans are affordable and have a long service life.

The Cons of the Pans

  • We recommend hand washing to maintain the luster of the acacia wood handle for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a pizza last in a freezer?

A frozen pizza will keep its quality for 1 to 2 months when stored correctly in an airtight container or securely wrapped in a plastic bag, followed by an additional layer of protective aluminum foil. You are not required to discard it for two months, but the flavor won’t likely be as good as the first time you bought it.

What are the tips for keeping pizza's flavor when freezing?

The best tip to follow for the best outcomes that will guarantee that those pizza slices will continue to taste delicious for months to come is easy. Pizza should always be kept in an airtight container for optimum storage in the freezer.

When your pizza is in the ice box, you want to be sure it is kept safe. Additionally, if you don't have any airtight storage containers, making a quick trip to the store or getting some online would be worthwhile. These airtight storage containers help preserve pizza and other food to be fresh and not too pricey.

Additionally, if you cannot access airtight storage containers, an alternative method is to tightly wrap your slices in plastic wrap before covering the outside part with aluminum foil. Make sure to wrap just one piece of the pizza at a time while freezing.

You should avoid air pockets between slices because they can cause the freezer to burn, wrap each pizza slice individually, and then bundle them with another sheet of aluminum foil or plastic wrap if desired.

Knowing these 3 ways about how to reheat frozen pizza, now you can enjoy delicious leftover pizza within several minutes.

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3 Easy Ways to Reheat Frozen Pizza

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3 Easy Ways to Reheat Frozen Pizza

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